India – Mumbai blasts and Terror Attacks

July 17, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

The financial capital Mumbai, India was once again targeted with bomb blasts on July 13, 2011 resulting in civilian casualties and injured victims notwithstanding public frustration over repeat attacks emanating from serious security lapse in the nation’s commercial center.

Whenever terrorism leaves footprints, the trail leads to easy access of materials used to detonate bombs and live ammunitions in the open market.

The intelligence failure including lack of coordination among the national and foreign intelligentsia also contributes to terror activities in the technological era.

As stated above, the stockpiles availability through defense industry channels facilitates terrorism that otherwise would be hard to emerge causing immense human suffering.

The terror networks presence in Pakistan and elsewhere further confirms the unsuccessful global war on terror despite trillions of U.S. taxpayer dollars spent in pursuing the terror groups over a decade.

Political will and military decision to replace combat forces with peace keeping personnel to promote economic development and political stability in the war torn regions would substantially impact terror recruitment enabling the local and disenfranchised population to be productive in the respective society.

Terrorism is a by-product of ill-informed and dejected citizens deprived of fair economic opportunities, political rights and social justice.

Terror operatives utilize the disadvantaged demography to convey their political objectives with no regard for life creating perpetual violence and social discord.

Authorities could infiltrate the operation with effective non-violent strategies rewarding terror plot informants to deter attacks and involve civilian vigilance in addition to law enforcement officers deployment.

Terror alerts as precursor in preparing for potential assault would be credible upon preventing frequent incidents in massive scale and the vulnerable cities like Mumbai as well as other metropolitan areas that are continually attacked could benefit from widespread monitoring in all fronts – air, land and sea,

Besides trustworthy intelligence sharing between various agencies committed to eliminating terror as a global challenge.

Above all, nations bear responsibility in extraditing terror assailants for trials in the inflicted domains without granting them impunity for political reasons.

The conspirators protected by their governments’ inaction or refusal to cooperate in the necessary investigation and subsequent legal proceedings become the catalyst for future terrorism given the amnesty to terror related arrests from foreign nations.

Governments’ role is critical in honoring victims’ plight regardless of terror striking home or across the border.

Response on humanitarian grounds transcending political differences would categorically emphasize solidarity to terror networks and possibly debilitate organizational effort to sabotage peace.

In the absence of comprehensive cohesion among nations fighting terror, the individual aspirations would remain a monumental task producing false sense of invincibility for the relatively inferior terror establishments.

Unified forces against terror sources would permanently dismantle terror camps and bring lasting relief to the world.

The state and central government pledge to curb such explosions in Mumbai and other parts of the country would be sound when public safety is not compromised at any level arising from broken chain link in communication and implementation process.

Adequate funding for national security also boosts precautionary measures against terrorism.

Compensation to victims’ families is helpful but defending nationals from falling prey to violence is nation’s priority.

The ruling and opposition power concerted actions in this respect would strengthen national defense.

With heartfelt condolences to victims’ families on the loss of precious lives, prayers offered on the mournful event July 13, 2011 for the departed souls to rest in peace along with rapid recovery of those hurt in the horrific crime against humanity.

Hopefully the healing would bring solace to grieving survivors and provide them fortitude to endure life ordeal.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

India Wins the World Cup Cricket 2011

April 2, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Heartfelt Congratulations! To Indian Cricket team for a spectacular victory in the riveting game with billion fanfares cheering the Indian troop on the battle ground against formidable Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan team impressively challenged the Indian side that contributed to earning the prestigious title.

The incredible performance from the Indian batsmen particularly Gautam Gambhir assuming responsibility at the critical position joined by the Indian Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and later Yuvraj Singh led India to the anticipated victory.

Gautam Gambhir and others deserve due recognition with an award for their commitment that guaranteed the end result.

Team efforts from India and Sri Lanka made the grand finale a historic moment to prove the respective caliber in the most popular sport revered by the people across the Indian sub-continent.

The Indian team demonstrated resolve in rising to the occasion and delivered their promise by winning the most coveted trophy.

It is Dusserah for India – a festival time rejoicing the glorious triumph in the hard fought final match.

Indian Cricket team makes India proud in winning the World Cup Championship.

Best Wishes to Sri Lanka in their future endeavor and India for continuous success in every frontier.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

World Cup Cricket Final 2011

April 2, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

The mega sports event grand finale is scheduled to begin momentarily.

Indian and Sri Lankan Cricket team have an opportunity to display their extraordinary talent.

Good Luck! For a spectacular game between the two popular teams – India and Sri Lanka.

Rest to follow upon conclusion of the much awaited cricket extravaganza.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Itmām al-hujjah (إتمام الحجة) – Clarification of truth in its ultimate form.

November 28, 2008

Ultimatum to Al-Qaida and Terrorist Networks around the world:

Reign of Terror in Mumbai, India

The world witnessed yet another terror attack against the metropolis and commercial center of an emerging economic power.

Evidently, the affluent and luxury venues like five star hotels, railway station, movie theaters and restaurants have been the major targets.

What are unusual about this particular sinister activity are simultaneous, synchronized attacks against innocent civilians in prime public locations and their entry via major as well as the busiest port Mumbai, India.

The militants to reinforce the message of terror have taken hostage several hotel guests and staff members.

Hence, the military and law enforcement authorities are currently negotiating to free the hostages.

It is noteworthy; the terrorist attacks aim the financial center or the economic hub of the nations in different parts of the world.

Their agenda is to paralyze the economy of the nations they attack whether it is New York City, London, Tel Aviv or Mumbai.

These megalomaniacs are not only delusional in their belief about their mission and consequences…

They also drive the vulnerable, gullible and predominantly Muslim youth population in carrying out such horror.

Their continual global attacks have enabled them to hijack the otherwise peaceful religion of Islam.

The dominance over psyche of young minds and fundamentalism is not prescribed by religion.

Nevertheless, preached and practiced by despots orchestrating global terror.

Amazing feature of terrorism is the glorification of heinous crime against humanity as an act of marvel, almost self-promoting the status to that of Supreme force of the universe.

Such idiosyncrasy qualifies as mental disorder with an open invitation to one’s own fatality.


Face the Reality:  Otherwise Rukn plural arkan means what is inevitable.

From the Almighty God who is also the father of all the Prophets, such as Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad as;

Ḥāfiẓ (حافظ) someone who knows the Qur’an by heart. Literal translation = memorizer or Protector.

Issued Ijazah (إجازة) authorized one to transmit a subject or text of Islamic knowledge to,

Interpret the;

Furqān (فرقان) – the criterion (of right and wrong, true and false); for example, the Qur’an as furqan.


Hudā (هدى) – Guidance


Hikmah – Literally this means "wisdom" and refers to the highest possible level of understanding attainable by a Muslim.

In particular, it refers to the illuminative, mystical sort of wisdom which a Gnostic or Sufi might accomplish.

This message is for the demon of the demons…

Shaytan (شيطان) Satan, the Devil; also known as Iblis

Iblīs (إبليس) a jinn (جنّ) An invisible being of fire

banished to Hell for his arrogance and disobedience;

aka Satan : derived from the Greek Diabolos or Devil .

He is the equivalent of Lucifer.

Fajarah (فجرة) Wicked evil doers. Plural of "Fajir" (فاجر)

Muta’sibūn – fanatics

Osama Bin Laden, Ayman Al-Zawahiri and the entire networks of evil forces around the world wreaking havoc, chaos and catastrophe.

Your  “Jashan Khatm” i.e. party is over.

You have grossly violated the Sunnah (السنّة) or sunnah al-Nabi (سنّة النبي) the "path" or "example" of the Prophet Muhammad, i.e., what the Prophet did or said or agreed to during his life.

He is considered by Muslims to be the best human moral example, the best man to follow.

If you thought you were delivering a message with the current attack in Mumbai, India you have volunteered for your own destruction,

Rest assured will be far more spectacular than your display of terror on this planet.


True Identity of Osama Bin Laden, Ayman Al-Zawahiri and their organization as Terrorists:

This is  I’dad Al-‘oda (إعداد العُدَّةِ) "preparation for battle" according to Qur’an

So far, in your opinion you have portrayed yourself as Khudah i.e. Almighty God!


Caliph (خليفة khalīfah) literally successor; refers to the successor of the Prophet Muhammad, the ruler of an Islamic theocratic monarchy.

In fact, you are nothing but –

Dahri – atheist.

In Islam, atheists are seen as those who think that time only destroys, hence the term ad-dahriyyah for the concept of atheism.

And also,

Dajjal (دجّال) an Islamic figure similar to the Antichrist; means "liar" or "deceiver".

Your conduct is simply Ahlul-Fetrah ( أهل الفترة)  – people who live in ignorance of the teachings of a revealed religion,

Rather than according to the "Fitra", the "Natural Religion" innate to human nature as created by God.

Further suggesting you as a

Dallal (ضلال) – going astray.

Thus creating,

Dar al-Harb (دار الحرب) – means house of war; refers to areas outside Muslim rule at war with Muslim states.

Proving yourselves to be –

Fāsiq (فاسق) – anyone who has violated Islamic law;

Usually refers to one whose character has been corrupted (plural "fasiqun").

Along with – Jahl (جهل) ignorance, arrogance.



You take pride in the massacre of innocent lives.

You have utter disregard for sacred places or public arena.

You are actively involved in “Baghawat”- insurgency against a legitimate government like in Iraq and threaten the Hakmiya – sovereignty.

You falsely attribute fighting in mortal combat otherwise ‘qatlu’ – Murder of innocent humans or crime against humanity as;

Fī sabīlu-llāhi (في سبيل الله) – for the sake of Allah.


Maqaṣid (مقصد) goals or purposes; such as the purposes of Islamic law:

Common Islamic expression for performing acts such as;

`Ibādah (عبادة) – worship, but not limited to ritual:

All expressions of servitude to Allah, including the pursuit of knowledge, living a pious life,

Helping, charity, and humility, can be considered ibadah.

Infāq (إنفاق) – the habitual inclination to give rather than take in life; the basis for charity

All of which are,

Fard ayn  – obligatory on every individual Muslim to aid in any way he can.

In fact, Fard kifayah (الواجب الكفائي‎) – an obligation on the Muslim community as a whole,


Jihād (جهاد)  – struggle. Any earnest striving in the way of God, involving personal, physical, for righteousness and against wrongdoing;

"Lesser Jihad" (الجهاد الأصغر):  in defence, fighting to protect Islam from attack or oppression.

In such fighting, no woman, child or innocent civilian is to be harmed, and no tree is to be cut down. (see Qitaal)

"Greater Jihad" (الجهاد الأعظم): internal struggle for the soul (nafs) against evil, e.g. Lust, Greed, Envy, etc.

Also, to thrive to do actions that have great value in Islam, and that one has to overcome one’s self to do it.

The Jihad explained above is for the sake of Allah.

Whereas your terrorism act signifying ‘qatlu’ – Murder is – Jihād al talab  i.e. Offensive jihad.

Bear in mind, Masha Allah (ما شاء الله) – Allah has willed it.

Al-khaliq – The Creator, Allah is here for Falāḥ (فلاح) which means deliverance, salvation, well-being from —

Fitna (فتنة) – trial or tribulation; also refers to any period of disorder, such as a civil war, or the period of time before the end of the world or any civil strife.

Also, to end your – Laghw (لغو)  – Dirty, false, evil vain talk.

Not excluding – Hawaa (pl. ahwaa’) your egotistical desire; individual passion; impulsiveness.

A requirement for,

Tajdīd (تجديد) to purify and reform society in order to move it toward greater equity and justice, literally meaning to make new in present tense.


Your self-proclamation as the Badshah (King) of Terror for being the mastermind of global terrorism is condemned as;

Mufsidūn (مفسدون) evil-doer a person who wages jihad (war) not in accordance with the Qur’an.  Plural mufsideen

Contrary to

Mujāhid (مجاهد) – a fighter for Islam. Plural mujahidīn


Tajdif (تجديف) – blasphemy

Characterized as

Munafiq (منفق) hypocrite. Plural: Munafiqun

So, justifiably

Haraam (Arabic: حرام‎) (often Haram) is an Arabic term meaning "forbidden" and is basically tantamount to the English expression, "for shame".

In Islam it is used to refer to anything that is prohibited by the faith.

Haraam is a widely-used synopsis to define all that is forbidden by God.

This can be an act of sin or evil.

You mercilessly killed many lives and were primarily responsible for their –

Janaza (جنازة) – funeral prayer.


Description of your Niyyat – intention:

What you represent is:

Taghut (طاغوت) (taghout)- originally Aramaic, meaning "false god"; also tyranny.

Exclusively Nifaq  – falsehood; dishonesty

Hence, Nukra a great munkar – prohibited, evil, dreadful thing.

So you deserve – Fanā’ (فناء)  – Sufi term meaning extinction – to die to this life while alive.

Jahannam (جهنم) – the Hell-fire; Hell


Ithim (إثم) – Negative reward for bad deeds that is tallied on qiyamah(judgment day.)

Therefore, as per Ḥukm (حكم)- ruling in the Qur’an or Sunnah:

All those militants and recruits of Al-Qaida and the entire Terrorist organizations around the world i.e. Dunya (دنيا) will share —

Similar Takdir  i.e. fate or Muqaddar which is  destiny.

Specifically Fatwā (فتوى) legal opinion of an (alim) binding on him and on those who follow his…

Taqlīd (تقليد) – to blindly follow a person whose following is not based on proof and does not rely upon knowledge,

As Istish’hād (استشهاد) – martyrdom,


Shahīd (شهيد) pl. shuhada – witness, martyr.

Due to Kufr-i-juhudi – Disbelief from obstinacy after being presented with truth.


Divine will prevail over demons – Insha’Allah (إن شاء الله) – Allah Willing.

Shukriya/ Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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