The People’s Republic of Iran Under Siege

June 28, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

It’s been well over two weeks since the fraudulent election in the Iranian Republic and subsequently the nation is under siege by the hard line clerics exerting authoritarian rule – vowing to crush its’ own people for their dissent against corruption and totalitarianism.

The threats from the puppet nominee Mahmoud Ahmadinejad echoed by the theocracy subjecting sacred Islam to disgrace through oppression of the peaceful demonstrators is nothing but a group of enraged power hungry dictators in self denial of the verdict – their end, the demise of tyranny once and for all.

The despots, the brutal theocrats and their henchmen (Basij militiamen and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard) might have temporarily succeeded in quelling the dissent on the streets in Tehran and elsewhere, the reality known otherwise.

Realistically, the entire offenders daring blasphemy of the Holy Quran, the Holy Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) and the Almighty God, Allah are,

Obviously frustrated within, due to their inability to fight the brewing battle in their mind overwhelmed with fear, anxiety and disintegrating resolve triggering aggression and violence against anyone in their path to enslave the pious and peaceful people of Iran.

The recent assertion and rhetorical remarks from the illegitimate leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad directed at the United States Presidency is an open self-invitation for isolation from the international community through various stringent measures that would effectively paralyze the regime leading to the ousting of the undemocratic rulers from power.

Therefore, the present regime must exercise caution and reasoning in their speech and action towards the nations aimed at as traditional rivals besides reigning terror against the non-violent people of Iran desperate and destined to be set free.

Ironically, the Iranian authorities are providing the alleged ‘lawlessness’ as the reason for the hard line approach that includes the raiding of people’s residences by militiamen Basij wreaking havoc in the unarmed civilian lives.

What the incumbent rulers fail to understand is, for every innocent life hurt in Tehran and other parts of Iran, they are hurting one of their own family members both closely and remotely related individuals as described in the Islamic law. The Holy Quran warns the sinners against any harm on their Muslim and non-Muslim brothers and sisters particularly the non-combatants in the privacy of their homes.

Perhaps, it’s time for G8 and other nations around the world to take action against the regime through formal withdrawal of diplomatic relationships, denial of travel visas to not only the figureheads and their representatives but also their family members traveling and living abroad for business, education and tourism. When the world condemnation translated from statements into action, the seriousness of the crime committed by the authoritarian rulers will sink in their ignorant aptly arrogant mind.

These simple prickly measures against the dictatorial regime should send a strong message about the repulsive action towards their nationals apart from the urgency in conceding to ‘truth’ represented by the people of Iran.

Any further deterioration in the unruly conduct of the unlawful government would be detrimental to the survival of the institution behind the anarchy.

Given the status quo in Iran, the reformist movement and the opposition with the republic support should maintain the peaceful and non-violent approach in achieving the democratic goals for the people of Iran.

It would be in the best interest of the future of Iran for the momentum to continue in freeing the nation from the shackles of theocracy binding irreligious morals with personal philosophy diametrically opposed to Islamic law.

Reiterating the earlier message on Peace – A beautiful delicate flower with a sweet fragrance permeating the surrounding bringing natural joy upon sensual contact, yet resilient and a formidable force against violence.

Nations that sought peace towards their freedom guaranteed political, social and economic stability due to the inherent determination of the people to prevail against the odds – the violence that produces only bloodshed and immense loss of life.

The green reformist movement has tremendous potential to conquer the debilitating characteristics of the totalitarian government using violent and undemocratic strategies against the citizens for whom they are politically responsible.

Victory is within reach of those who tread on the trails of peace, will and optimism.

The people of Iran courageously display these qualities in the on-going political crisis.

Good luck and fortune waits in abundance for the enduring population of Iran. Your sacrifice will not be futile.

One should never quit without tasting the flavor of success in life.

Persian , Independence, … الله أكبر (Allahu Akbar )
(Arabic , … Allāhu Akbar (الله أكبر) : "God is the Greatest." …)

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant
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