Appeasement Politics

March 7, 2020

Appeasement Politics 

Padmini Arhant

The reason behind status quo i.e. deteriorating political, economic, social, religion, health and environment is falsehood, deception, misrepresentation, fabrication, fraud and gross violations in every respect in all quarters beginning with politics, communication media, economic sector, entertainment, religion and social causes engaged in appeasement politics.

The members involved in such unscrupulous practice fail to recognize the incorrigible conduct inevitably affecting the source and catalysts promoting self-destructive agenda targeting those they are unable to confront intellectually and in a civil manner with dignity and integrity arguably not in their interest or character.

Accordingly, society and civilization decline originates from corrosive divisive politics with zero tolerance to objective review and constructive dialogue considered anti-nationalism even going further in describing any reasonable political discourse and dissent as terrorism and treason. In short, appeasement politics is expected over honest perspectives on political power mismanagement of economy and all matter concerning the nation at large.

The preference in contemporary politics is silent public spectators and muted media allowing those in power to run a muck not excluding the license to kill ordinary innocent citizens at will, snowballing corruption scandals, systemic abuse of power and criminality dominating the system.

Politics run and represented communication outlets from major and mainstream television networks, print media to an array of social and conventional media platform operating 24/7  to mislead and misguide captive audience. The indoctrination via state media and their proxies on various platforms is toxic in a desperate effort to deflect public attention from real issues and those directly responsible for the colossal failure of their policy, plan and programs or the lack thereof to resolve any crises.

Politics is also transformed into theatrics with deformed facial features of all those in politics and fields such as entertainment, economy…and more related to politics. The cartoonish depiction of political members especially the non-performers, corrupt and anyone with negative image are projected with pouting lips and wearing eye glasses again clarifying criminal behavior on the part of those presenting such insidious projections much to their peril in the increasingly corrupt politics and unethical media indulging in self-mockery.

Then there are TV anchors and talk show hosts directed to follow the script in mimicking their arch nemesis and clownish appearance wearing artificial eye glasses is yet another display of self-deprecation with criminal politics playing to the gallery.

Under these circumstances, political suicide is imminent drowning media and crony contingency as well as all those performing to the whims and fancies of the political power cartels facing tumult and titanic shift leaving them in trepidation.

Those digging grave for others invariably find themselves in it with history and latest events testament to the fact.

Finally, the appeasement politics proved to endanger democratic rule marginalizing the highest office whether President or Prime Minister, those in the cabinet and political system to mere titles dependent on flattery and fakery rather than delivery.

The discerning audience rejecting appeasement politics is the preliminary step in turning the stone in politics.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

 – Recognition of Issues – 2015

August 27, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

Health and Environment leads the issues concerning life and habitat.

Health is important for survival.  Healthy living contributes to productivity and quality life.

The fundamental facilities like clean drinking water, sanitation, proper accommodation and health care access are lacking for scores of inhabitants across the globe.

Political, economic and social complexities deprive locals from basic requirements in life.  Above all warfare and internal turmoil disrupt normal state with enormous toll on health and infrastructure.

In the urban areas, health is affected from eating habits, lifestyle, stress level and surroundings including common genetic factor and general well being.

Healthcare costs still remain unaffordable for vast majority in the developed and developing nations worldwide.

Accordingly, the nation prioritizing national health would strive for universal health service without preconditions and restrictions to people from all walks of life.

The healthy choices in food are available now compared to a decade ago.  This is a preliminary step towards recognition of health as critical for existence.

However, greater efforts and actions are required in enabling population in lower economic strata with similar consumption. Obviously price is the bottom line for many with inflation reflected in food market.

Regrettably, healthy food is relatively expensive than unhealthy products leaving significant mass susceptible to health problems.

Multinational Corporations (MNC) dominance in food manufacturing beginning with farming, harvesting, sales and distribution hinder incentives to farmers in growing organic foods and produces availability at reasonable price.

In fact, organic food could be cheaper upon high market demand long stymied by MNC monopoly in agriculture commodity trade and food supply.

The corporations focus on profits over consumer health exacerbates conditions for vulnerable segments in society.

Corporations could make profits and achieve targeted earnings without compromising on healthy options especially the ingredients in various food merchandises with potential harm increasing health risks to average citizen and regular patrons.

Government agency such as food and drug administration effective measures and timely interventions on any serious violations are instrumental in averting food related health crisis.

The food and premise inspection of restaurants and food merchants sometimes evade responsibility due to corruption.

In developing nations, the street hawkers and vendors observing plain guidelines in food handling and safe practices would eliminate exposure to known and unknown health woes for customers in this category.

Briefly, health cannot be neglected for any reason. Simple decisions to improve health by checking on diet and physical activity could enhance living standard.

There are many form of exercise suitable to individual preferences and the one that cost nothing is walking leaving no excuse for sedentary routine.

Yoga is balanced with meditation for mental relaxation that complements overall benefits in mind body function.

Health and Environment are directly linked with clean, healthy, innocuous and secure atmosphere imperative for life sustenance on planet.

Environment pollution and contamination is a major challenge resulting in preventable illnesses regardless of age.

The contributions in promoting health and environmental status will be highlighted and honored for continued progress in this field.

Environment topic will be presented shortly.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant










Emergency Aid to Pakistan Flood Victims

August 18, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Pakistan is experiencing the worst humanitarian crisis due to massive flooding, posing tremendous challenges for the government and the victims.

Although, the United States assistance has been substantial in the relief operation, it’s a global responsibility to help the people of Pakistan.

The onus is not on the United States alone, the international aid from all corners of the world is essential to rescue the estimated twenty million displaced population and the families who have lost their loved ones in the natural disaster.

There is an opportunity for all nations across the globe to come forward and extend their support through financial and other humanitarian resources.

Perhaps, The Kingdom of Brunei, Saudi Arabia, EU, the Middle East and developing nations including private donors from different parts of the world could share the financial burden with the United States and humanitarian organizations.

Pakistanis’ plight cannot be ignored as the internal or national problem. The culmination of natural catastrophe and economic conditions have increased the inevitable health risks apart from the potential threats in social, environmental, political and security fronts for the South Asian country.

In the holy month of Ramadan, the people of Pakistan are dealing with the natural calamity and struggling to overcome the enormous tragedy on their shores.

Please respond to Pakistani citizens’ “SOS,” with an outpouring compassion and generosity that is required more than ever.

People of Pakistan also urgently deserve the world society’s contribution in nation building and economic growth to emerge from the burgeoning status quo.

International Humanitarian Agencies such as International Red Cross, American Red Cross, Oxfam, Doctors without Borders including the United Nations’ Relief Organizations are standing by to accept your donations.

You could visit their websites to make any affordable payments.

Organizing concerts for the worthy cause could also expedite the fund raising possibilities in this regard.

Please reach out to the victims to minimize casualties and save precious lives.

Your kindness is much appreciated.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant