Hollywood News

August 15, 2008

Author – Rish Arhant-Sudhir

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood prince was possibly the most anticipated film in the coming months. For those of you waiting for the sixth film in the franchise, you may have to wait a bit longer. Originally planned for release on November 21st, Warner Brothers have pushed the latest installment of Harry Potter to July 17th 2009. Warner is partly saying that the Harry Potter films are better suited for summer and partly saying that the writer’s strike conflicted the readiness of the script.

Dreamworks recently announced that they will have sequels to some of their biggest hits. A Kung Fu Panda 2 is planned due to the success of the first film this summer. Madagascar 2 comes out this November, but there is already talk of a third film where we will hopefully see our heroes return to New York.

Valkyrie has changed release dates yet again! Tom Cruise’s next film regarding German army men and their plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler was originally planned to release on August 8, 2008 then changed to October 3, 2008, followed by February 13, 2009, and as of now the final release date of Valkyrie is December 26, 2008. The date was pulled back due to successful test screenings.

Mike Myers joins the cast of Inglorious Bastards, Quentin Tarantino’s war film planned for 2009. Myers will play Ed Fenech, a British militant who creates the plot to kill Nazi Leadership. Other cast members include Brad Pitt and Eli Roth. The Office star B.J. Novak is in talks to join the cast as well.