Central Africa – Democratic Republic of The Congo (DRC) Crisis Resolution

January 12, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

African continent endowments with rich minerals, oil and precious metals – gold and diamonds is a blessing provided native inhabitants were the beneficiaries unlike the status quo.

The enviably wealthy region with enormous resources enslaved and exploited for exact reasons through colonization evidently noted for annihilation and excoriation until now.

Many nations in Africa victimized from European imperialism – Britain and France in particular among other European imperialists such as Belgium with respect to Congo along with U.S. collaboration largely responsible for African plight and endless misery.

Imperialists and Globalists regrettably including authorities from religious domain basking in luxury and substantial wealth that could instantaneously alleviate mass poverty, hunger and disease deny humanity life with dignity.

The cabal comprising elite memberships with enthusiastic minions and stooges – the crime facilitators sharing shady past, fading present and blank future thrust policies hurting citizens with generational impact.

Although every African nation deserves world empathy and prompt action to mitigate population suffering synonymous to rest of the world,

Democratic Republic of the Congo has been subjected to horrendous experience ranging from ravaging civil wars leading to political instability, abject poverty, preventable health hazards and complete neglect of the society leaving children the worst victims in such conflicts anywhere in the world.

The crux of the problem in DR Congo this time around is the clashes between the so-called rebels otherwise referred to as M23 movement based on resistance commencement date i.e. March 23 when group of service men previously part of the Congolese Army per peace agreement in 2009 then defected due to Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) alleged mistreatment evolving into ongoing standoff yet to reach a viable peace agreement.

Further, the situation complicated with UN peacekeeping units withdrawal from the battle zone in North Kivu province enabled M23 capture of the capital Goma later retreated in compliance with peace accord.

UN peacekeepers dismal track record in protecting citizens during wars cannot be ignored.

For instance – the UN abandonment of Sri Lankan Tamils despite their plea to save them from Sri Lankan authorities brutal assault aided by New Delhi, Indian leaderships military and logistic support in 2009 other than hegemon loyalists ammunition dispatch resulting in thousands of innocent civilians especially children, women and senior citizens among casualties in the war crimes is not the only stigma against UN coalition force.

UN peacekeeping troops alleged rape of women in Rwanda and atrocities cause legitimate concern among nations imposed with military involvement regardless of organization whether UN, NATO or regional regiment.

United States, Britain, Israel, France and western powers ambition to invade foreign land for unlimited access to those countries treasure and bizarre expectation on economic stimulus through wars are implemented in three different ways –

Direct attack under false pretext in the so-called war on terror or humanitarian mission – viz. Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

Boost defense stocks with experimentation and exhaustion of inventory on people in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia alongside replenish Israel’s artillery for shelling on Palestine and Sudan.

Notwithstanding arming factions to continue bloodshed in Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Alternatively exporting terrorists and militants to target nations with biological weapons then justify military intervention in addition to crippling economic sanctions and arms embargo against that state.

Meanwhile, the western powers and Gulf allies as terror sponsors accelerate weapons delivery to militia laying groundwork for deaths and destruction witnessed in Syria, Mali and impending operation in remaining Africa and world over.

Western interference in Congo is no different having been a French colony until recently, internal turmoil is always favorable to hegemony for military incursion disguised as African Union or neighbor Rwandan army infiltration fomenting chaos in society sensitive to foreign influence on government action.

First and foremost, in any dispute settlement recognition of source contributing to the crises is imperative and then addressing them with invitation to all sides for participation importantly the abused and marginalized segments such as M23 in Congo and Tuaregs in Mali respectively often characterized as so-called rebels for their resistance against the abuser – usually the western backed governments facilitating military strikes on their soil like in Mali and DRC approval of UN proposal for drones in eastern Congo.

Unfortunately, the leaderships do not focus on dire consequences of foreign presence attributed to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria decimation.

DRC has been adversely affected with western intrusions in arming groups depriving the nation from economic development even though the strategy applies throughout Africa, Latina America, Middle East and Asia.

The quagmire in eastern region of DRC as farther back in 1998 until today has claimed a staggering 5.5 million lives with children bearing the brunt of violence in the war torn nation.

According to UNICEF report over 600 schools destroyed in both North Kivu and South Kivu provinces and as a result around 240,000 students apparently missed weeks of schooling in the combat zone.

Whenever wars perpetuated rather than pursuing diplomacy and peaceful negotiations, the state is confronted with burgeoning political, economic, social, humanitarian and environmental issues exacerbating conditions in the immediate and long run.

The remedial measures to Congolese discord is for the government in Kinshasa to acknowledge M23 movement as part of the society and initiate dialogue with a serious commitment to redress allegations on FARDC abusive behavior and other grievances expressed by them.

Beginning with transparent investigations and accountability on the purported offense or crimes would build trust and eliminate hostility commonly emanating from isolation and slight of genuine trauma or tragedy.

Similarly extending peace initiatives to other disenfranchised demography would create inclusiveness epitomizing national integration crucial for political, economic and social progress.

Barring foreign assertions specifically military operations essential to safeguard national sovereignty otherwise compromised in the request for regional or international engagement with the exception of commerce trade and humanitarian necessities to resolve sovereign affair.

Congolese government consent to UN proposal on spy drones in the eastern terrain in the backdrop of UNSC biased approach encompassing typical censure of victims with diverse restrictions on representatives i.e. M23 leaderships in this context while colluding with perpetrators of crime against society is guaranteed to be a failure for incognito operatives instigating pervasive unrest.

Nations strength is largely dependent on collective responsibility and leaderships’ ability to deal with challenges from within and outside containing in the least and averting at best any potential threats to territorial integrity as well as rights to self-determination – the inalienable characteristics of independent identity.

All nations could utilize required knowledge and problem solving mechanisms in possession upon transcending barriers and working together in solidarity for national cause naturally yielding individual benefit.

Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali, Central African Republic (CAR), Sudan and states across the globe could adopt national resolutions to review and reform policies adequately meeting standards gaining broader consensus with conscientious departure from confrontational means and exclusivity towards holistic investments aimed at sustainable outcome.

On that pragmatic recommendation,

Wishing Democratic Republic of Congo in its entirety long lasting peace and prosperity.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Central Africa – Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) Educational Crisis

January 12, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

The quagmire contributing to lack of economic development in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has not only resulted in the loss of staggering 5.5million lives thus far but also severely affected the future of children in that war torn nation.

Arguably, the preventable crisis in eastern region of Congo between M23 i.e. March 23 movement and western backed government in the capital, Kinshasa has been unnecessarily prolonged in semblance with Mali dispute involving the disenfranchised natives Tuaregs in the northern territory and the respective western installed government in Bamako facilitating pretext for western powers invasion in the current French air raids and U.S. drone strikes is the contemporary trend imposed on vulnerable nations around the world.

DRC in particular has experienced devastations in many aspects and sadly civilians pay the price with children being the worst victims of warfare.

The conflict in North and South Kivu provinces has destroyed livelihood and infrastructure not even sparing schools in both provinces used as temporary shelters for fleeing population seeking refuge.

According to UNICEF report – Over 600 schools are damaged in North and South Kivu territories and as a result around 240,000 students apparently missed weeks of schooling due to ongoing unrest in the eastern part of the country.

UNICEF is seeking $6 million (€ 4.6 million) for educational projects in two provinces protecting children from harm’s way.

This is undoubtedly a grave situation and often transforms into a breeding ground for violence leading to child soldier recruitment favoring major military powers arms industry.

World citizens are urged to kindly come forward with their generous donations in assisting UNICEF educational project in eastern Congo.

We cannot deny the children of DRC and elsewhere caught in the crossfire, a safe existence with basic requirements such as proper educational facilities and environment conducive for survival.

Please do not hesitate to demonstrate your compassion, the inherent quality of human beings to attend to those in dire strait.

You may visit UNICEF website and reach out to children in Democratic Republic of the Congo and please help them with their target goal – i.e. $6 million or (€ 4.6 million) for North and South Kivu school project.

Your generosity and kindness is much appreciated.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant