Cuba – Leader and Former President Fidel Castro

November 26, 2016

PADMINI ARHANT. Author & Presenter Spousal Partner Divine Mission.





Cuban Leader and Former President Fidel Castro

By Mrs. Padmini Arhant


The Caribbean nation Cuba’s  leader and the former President Fidel Castro passing at the age of 90 is a moment of reflection, appreciation and reconciliation for the country.  The people having experienced tumultuous times and hardships possess the opportunity to evolve utilizing the good and learning from the bad events in history.

Politics never been transparent and accessible to people anywhere always pose a great challenge in remaining the republic with governance under specific control regardless of political ideology. Any nation undergoing revolution in resistance to failed system and hardline tactics are often met with internal and external ire prompting defensive mechanism to curb threat to sovereignty.  In the process, implementing measures without revision contributes to stagnancy.

The major dilemma for developing nation in any region is protecting sovereign status with quest to undermine national integrity and self-determination rights persists under the guise of empathy expressed in apathy via coup, economic sanctions lasting decades crippling economy and isolation depriving the country from deserving growth and development.

The post revolution Cuba emulating former Soviet Union and China’s communism style of governance and economic policy was a misconceived strategy.

However, the socialist adaptation in providing universal health care and affordable housing to the poor and lower income category is a credit in the struggle to uplift standard of living.

In any form of government whether communism or so-called democracy, theocracy and autocracy somehow leads to concentration of power amongst core members not to mention extraneous influence and internal collusion besides corruption inhibiting real progress.

World under hegemony aimed at subjugation of nations for acquisition of resources and strategic dominance create impediments to self-sufficiency and autonomy. The rise of any nation and region subsequent to prolonged downturns is curtailed to maintain status quo.

Cuban leader and former President Fidel Castro withstood the test of time in the potential nuclear confrontation between the two nuclear powers – former Soviet Union and the United States, the CIA unsuccessful attempt to overthrow the leadership in BAY OF PIGS debacle and since then United States imposing economic embargo with refusal to lift sanctions and forge economic ties exacerbated Cuban citizens plight.

On the Cuban leadership part, any hardline approach inside Cuba to crackdown political dissidence to prevent repeat of Bay of Pigs could have been substituted with political and economic reform promoting trust and national interests.

In international affairs, Cuban leader’s effort in brokering peace talks between the Colombian government and FARC in the long embroiled internal conflict that produced unnecessary deaths and unrest in the South American nation merits recognition.

Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro rise to power in 1959 and remaining the political force in the nation and for many aspiring leaders in Latin America and around the world is testimony to tenacity and adeptness in surviving turbulence from within and outside the Caribbean island.

On this occasion of grief and sorrow, I offer my sincere condolences to the family and people of Cuba.

Wishing Cuba a new beginning with people represented democracy, peace and bright future.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Mrs. Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spousal Partner Divine Mission




World – Political And Electoral Reform 2015

May 27, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

The incognito power installs proxy governments to implement policies favorable to privileged class in global society.

New World Order with one world government emerged as United Nations Organization comprising unipolar system – UNSC with P5 + 1 exclusive club in possession of veto power.

UNSC target nations deemed adversaries for the members and their allies waging economic warfare via trade sanctions depriving people in Cuba and North Korea with basic food supplies and survival means until now.   The military invasion through conventional ground troops and air raids is another option. 

The recent activities in Yemen, Syria and Iraq, the drone attacks in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa and Latin America assert supremacy.

The latest strategy is sponsoring terrorism in Libya, Syria, Iraq and North, East, West and Central Africa.

Elsewhere false flag events staged to smear nations and oust governments perceived as obstruction to hegemony ambition such as in Ukraine and Thailand. The constant unrest created in Venezuela and neighboring states in South and Central America cannot be ignored.

The other New World Order prototype is European Union with euro currency in the euro zone. The results are evident in member states like Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Italy, Portugal…and Ireland.

New World Order directs loyalists in the so-called democracies and non-democratic states across the globe.

The subversion of democracy witnessed in elections held to legitimize illegitimate authority.

The elections claimed democratic is infiltrated with special interests funding. Then there are domestic and foreign bidders in political campaigns gaining priority on legislations and corporate influence on political body hailed economic milestones in the convoluted version.

Not to mention hegemony controlled social media, press and entertainment deployed in mind manipulation exemplifying distortion gone awry. The educational institutions are also used for this purpose.

New World Order (NWO) rule and aspirations are unsustainable considering the disastrous experience thus far.

The clean up actions are paramount to restore sanity, sensibility and responsibility facilitating new beginning.

The citizens’ plight as labor force, consumers, taxpayers and electorate could be alleviated in initiating fundamental change in politics with necessary applications in other domains.

Current political structure is premised on extraordinary power, hierarchy with agencies and bureaucracy as expansive government. There are archaic designations in certain so-called democracies maintained to prolong imperial era. The political representation designed to achieve hegemonic goals and preserve corruption culture.

In pseudo democracy projected as functioning republic viz. India and alike – hegemony choices are rewarded with not one but two key posts like defense and finance ministry despite losing election i.e. constituents rejected candidate in national election are appointed to important positions against people’s will.

The taxpayer money is wasted in political extravagance promoting self-image and profiteering from statewide canteens (cafeteria) driving restaurateurs out of business, the other extremes are building and unveiling personal statues not excluding auctions to trumpet political figures and upper echelons price tag.

While significant population nationwide is forced into abject poverty, hunger, disease, illiteracy and unemployment, the political fanfare at states and national level squandering citizens tax contributions is a routine affair.

Accordingly following recommendations are made to prevent abuse of power.

  1. Downsizing government along with extended affiliations to contain excess operational expenditure.
  1. The lavish accommodations, perks, benefits, vacations at taxpayers expense to public officials from top to bottom eliminated as austerity measure.
  1. Fiscal discipline on government limiting personnel or entourage accompanying political members within and outside the country. All costs to be accounted and audited by independent body and made available as public record.
  1. The enormous income derived in cash and kind as bribes on government contracts and favors due to powerful positions is not possible upon stripping discretionary rights in the decision-making process.
  1. Briefly, political evolution is required with emphasis on public service representing the people and not elements or agenda threatening sovereign status.

At present, the three branches of government – the executive, legislative and judiciary are reserved for the affluent and bourgeois in society with incentives ranging from luxury to immunity on crimes not barring treason.

Notwithstanding the eligibility criteria – complicity to foreign run enterprise.

Hence, there is no desire to perform national duty and fulfill constitutional oath to serve constituency and country.

Removing opulence and entitlements from political career would then make selfless motives the reason for joining politics and appealing to genuinely committed citizens to come forward in serving community, nation and humanity at large.

In the absence of political and electoral reform, the electoral mandate obtained by deception would continue to be misused with no end in sight in human suffering.

Darkness is dispelled with light and rising to the occasion would demonstrate the populace might.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant




Colombia – Bogota And Caracas Ties Valuable For South America

June 6, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

The foreign intrusion in Venezuela escalated post election declaring President Nicolas Maduro decisive winner.

President Nicolas Maduro has been challenged ever since by hegemony favored contender Governor Henrique Capriles Radonski in the effort to destabilize Venezuela.

Governor Henrique Capriles Radonski protest in this regard also led to civilian casualties with at least seven or more deaths and many injured in the unnecessary disturbance brought upon the nation.

There appears to be United States backed vigorous campaign against popular government of President Nicolas Maduro to create chaos and confusion in Venezuela.

Although such intervention is hardly surprising considering United States foreign policy aimed at political instability worldwide.

Meanwhile, the peace talks in Havana, Cuba between the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and Colombian government with Venezuela and Chile participation is critical to solidify the agreement on economic and social development in rural areas bringing the decades old confrontation to an end.

FARC and Colombian government commitment towards this deal is important to save lives and move the nation forward for pervasive progress leaving none behind in national achievements.

The latest report on Colombian government soldiers killing four FARC members in clashes in Colombia’s southern province of Putumayo is regrettable and these incidents needlessly harm the current peace initiatives desperately required in leading the country away from perpetual turmoil and unrest.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos meeting Venezuelan opposition leader Henrique Capriles Radonski in Bogota following talks with United States Vice President Joe Biden clarifies the unwanted tension in Bogota and Caracas relation prompting Venezuela to withdraw the envoy involved in Colombian peace negotiations with FARC in Cuba.

Governor Henrique Capriles Radonski tour of Latin America to promote hegemony goals rejecting legitimate government of President Nicolas Maduro categorically defines the opposition leader’s agenda to work against national interest.

Such activities are best abandoned for they serve none and evidently counterproductive.

Instead the opposition leader shifting focus on positive contributions enabling the incumbent administration under President Nicolas Maduro to address relevant national issues like economy, citizens safety and social advancement would prove genuine concern for the people of Venezuela over personal political ambition.

On the other hand, Colombia ties with Venezuela especially the present government pledged to late President Hugo Chavez Bolivarian Revolution is significant for Americas to protect national sovereignty, political and economic independence from foreign interference.

Upon safeguarding national freedom, social justice is possible in general recognition of population as mainstream barring isolation or segregation behind disparity in society.

Colombian citizens demand for removal of all U.S, military bases – seven in total along with ban on arms supply to drug cartels – situations shared with Afghanistan and Mexico respectively is the preliminary step towards national liberty.

Furthermore, Colombian public resistance to NATO membership is essential to prevent subjugation and western dominance as experienced by Turkey.

Colombia transcending from drug haven identity to dependable partner in regional peace, security and economic growth would be beneficial to Andean nation and Latin America.

Colombian government extending peace to factions representing marginalized and disenfranchised segments across the nation would guarantee multilateral gains maintaining balance of power providing economic opportunity to all.

Colombia and FARC implementing recent accord into action would set precedence in crises resolution renouncing violence that consume lives and resources affecting the nation at large.

Simultaneously Colombian government headed by President Juan Manuel Santos strengthening cooperation in all aspects with Venezuelan counterpart President Nicolas Maduro would be prudent not to mention Latin American solidarity confirming formidability against external threats and provocation.

Wishing citizens in Colombia and entire Latin America a new beginning with promising future and tranquility.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Cuba – New Economic Model

September 19, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

The island nation is in the process of shifting towards an economic model to rescue the state from the employment burden across the public sector.

State’s overwhelming expansion in all areas of the economy is forcing the government to change course in an effort to salvage the sagging public enterprises into private industry.

The combined woes of political sanctions, global economic crisis and natural disasters have produced massive revenue losses for the socialist system struggling to maintain the infrastructure.

As a result, Cuba has reportedly decided to lay off 500,000 state employees by March 2011 and promoting the private entrepreneurial opportunities by issuing business licenses to its population in a limited measure.

Such economic strategy is a wise move for Cuba and could potentially ease the pressure off the government funded organizations that are becoming unaffordable.

The underground economy that managed the private businesses in the state controlled environment is apparently being considered for legal recognition.

Again the consideration is a positive step that would guarantee state revenue through taxes and necessary fees besides facilitating free flow of goods and services not only within the island but across Latin America.

In terms of public education, health care, subsidized food and housing – Cuba could adhere to universal public education and health care alongside private developments in these areas forging a competitive market with enhanced services focused on research and innovation attracting the higher income groups upon the private sector growth.

With respect to subsidized food and housing – the state could perhaps reduce the percentage to the optimum based on means test for families with little or no income to address poverty and let the remaining population assist the market economy.

That way there is tremendous access for small businesses in the food supply enabling the wholesale and the medium to large size corporations to emerge in the long term.

Activating the manufacturing side is equally important for it would absorb the massive workforce expected to be without jobs following the state retrenchment.

The private markets cannot surface overnight without the adequately funded and regulated financial sector which in turn might require IMF and World Bank monetary assistance to expedite the transition.

Initially the federal authorities could divert the savings from the half a million workforce wages to the community banks for private sector lending and earn interest on the borrowings, thereby converting the state liability to income.

Cuba with a much better supply demand prognosis has a greater ability to implement the changes and prepare the Federal Reserve along with the Treasury to monitor the hybrid economic activities.

The questions are raised on Cuba’s capacity to import the essential resources and technology for the proposed transformation by March 2011 and relevantly the state’s action plan on the immediate income surge from the private economy boosting middle and higher earnings categories in the society.

Importing necessary items could be made possible by approaching current trade partners and the industrialized nations like the United States, Germany… have unique advantage in being the supplier especially with the higher end equipment and machinery contributing to the overall benefits in creating and retaining manufacturing jobs in their respective domain.

Obviously ending the economic trade sanctions would serve the international purpose.

Adjusting to the inevitable income hierarchy post economic model could be effectively addressed through a progressive tax structure that protects the lower income and the middle class while the wealthier groups offered tax incentives for domestic investments preventing tax evasions.

Cuba would prosper through reconciliation with reality in accepting the private enterprises
role and build the national economy with a harmonious balance between the state and free market owned assets.

Except for the regular public services, health care and education under state management – the vast areas of the economy are best run by the private industry delivering the people with quality products and services at a market price.

Any concerns about the capitalism risk experienced in the developed economies is legitimate and could be avoided with appropriate regulations comprising checks and balances for smooth operation.

In other matter, Cuba released seven dissidents in July 2010 and vowed to free the 52 political prisoners recently. These actions are praiseworthy and promising in improving human rights record which is significant to win the trust and confidence among the majority in the international community disappointed with the state human rights violation.

President Barack Obama pledge to lift travel ban allowing Cuban Americans and others to travel to Cuba is an optimistic beginning in the U.S – Cuban relationship for the policy would revive the flat travel industry with many dependent livelihoods.

Cuba is gradually heading towards the direction desirable by not only its people but also the global citizens. Similar initiatives in the political dimension would be highly beneficial now for Cuba considering the economic urgency and the trade sanctions posing obstacles for imports to mobilize privatization.

Nevertheless, it’s a refreshing start and there is hope for the Caribbean nation to make progress in every aspect.

As long as there is political determination to evolve and embrace the new possibilities then sky is the limit.

Best Wishes to the wonderful Cuban population for a bright future.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Republic of Cuba in the Twenty First Century

July 23, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

The Caribbean nation has been through many political and social challenges in the past three centuries. Beginning with colonization leading to revolutions, military coups and the unfortunate communist rule prevalent until today, the 11 million Cuban population continues to suffer in silence without any hope on the horizon.

From the Cuban revolution, Bay of Pigs invasion to Cuban Missile crisis and Guantanamo bay, Cuba has remained a significant Latin American nation.

With the political system modeled after the former Soviet Union and China the three nations’ paradoxical images in the new millennium are striking.

China as a Communist nation is regarded the emerging economic power with extraordinary privileges prominently – permanent membership at the U.N. Security Council, ‘Most Favored Nation’ status renewed regardless of the Republican or Democratic administrations at the White House. China is also a WTO, G-20 and ASEAN member.

Russia shares equivalent position with China among the international community and currently has the United States endorsement for WTO membership at the Toronto G-20 meeting held in June 2010.

Cuba, on the other hand is isolated with various sanctions particularly the economic embargo crippling the island nation in the Western Hemisphere.

Under the previous U.S. administration, there were restrictions on foreign remittances and travel by the Cuban expatriates. However, President Barack Obama reversed it in 2009 along with the resolution adopted in June last year to end the exclusion of Cuba from OAS (Organization of American States). Cuban leaders apparently expressed their lack of enthusiasm in the OAS readmission.

Cuba’s isolation is attributed to the appalling human rights abuse from the international standpoint and nationally the political oppression combined with the state controlled failed economic policies having a drastic impact on the once prosperous middle class in the society are the reasons considered for the Cuban exodus.

The parallels and the ironies between Cuba and other nations in this context are noteworthy.

Haiti – Another Caribbean nation and Cuba’s neighbor on the east was systematically deprived of self-sustenance and economic success during the currently exiled democratically elected President Jean Bertrand Aristide due to the U.S. imposition on Haiti to allow imported crops over the national rice production and other consumer goods resulting in Haiti’s status quo.

Whereas Cuba as a Communist authority holds direct control over two-thirds of the economy with the private sector functioning under federal governance on capital investments approval to hiring policy and wage distribution.

With the exception of public education and universal health care, the state’s macro management of the economy proved to be inefficient on various accounts such as food rationing and inadequate housing for the growing urban population.

Cuba is reported to have found large oil reserves through the environmentally devastating “oil exploration” in North Cuba Basin.

It’s time for nations to realize that the planet sustenance is dependent upon the clean renewable energy resources viz. solar, wind, bio-fuel, hydrothermal projects. Pursuing other sources despite the catastrophic damages to the economy and the environment is denying reality.

On Cuba’s foreign relations – Strong ties with China and Venezuela in the aftermath of the Soviet Union collapse seemingly eased the economic sanctions impact.

National health care in Cuba guarantee free medical aid to all in the rural and urban areas.

Therefore, the infant mortality rate and maternal care are either comparable or better than some developed countries.

The trade embargo affecting the core services like the health care facilities is reportedly deficient in latest medical equipments, drugs and essential supplies undermining the expected standards.

Mandatory education at the basic and higher levels including vocational training appears to be beneficial for Cuba with the highest per capita medical personnel available to serve within and outside the country.

Notably, Cuba is acknowledged for the medical professional help in the disaster relief programs – witnessed recently to Haiti earthquake victims.

Human rights violation is not uncommon in any form of government. If not towards the majority, it is often directed against the minority or the ethnic groups in a society.

Arguably, the repressive governments’ conspicuous abuse of power against their nationals is well known.

Cuba is believed to rank only second to the People’s Republic of China in the imprisonment of journalists voicing their concern against government agenda.

Per – Thank you.

“The Cuban government has been accused of numerous human rights abuses including torture, arbitrary imprisonment, unfair trials, and extrajudicial executions (a.k.a. “El Paredón”).

The Human Rights Watch alleges that the government “represses nearly all forms of political dissent” and that “Cubans are systematically denied basic rights to free expression, association, assembly, privacy, movement, and due process of law”.

Cuba was the second biggest prison in the world for journalists in 2008, second only to the People’s Republic of China, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), an international NGO.

As a result of computer ownership bans, computer ownership rates are among the world’s lowest.

Right to use Internet is granted only to selected people and these selected people are monitored.

Connecting to the Internet illegally can lead to a five-year prison sentence.

Cuban dissidents face arrests and imprisonment.

In the 1990s, Human Rights reported that Cuba’s extensive prison system, one of the largest in Latin America, consists of some 40 maximum-security prisons, 30 minimum-security prisons, and over 200 work camps.

According to Human Rights Watch, political prisoners, along with the rest of Cuba’s prison population, are confined to jails with substandard and unhealthy conditions.

Citizens cannot leave or return to Cuba without first obtaining official permission.”

Upon viewing the economic and political conditions in Cuba, it’s clear that the real beneficiaries in the economies under authoritarian rule and the democracies run by Corporations are not the average citizens, instead the ‘selective-powerful’ focused on self-interest rather than national interest.

Yet another irony is the statehood declaration as the “Republic” –

Whether it’s Republic of Cuba, Republic of North Korea, Islamic Republic of Iran, or People’s Republic of China and those not truly representative of the republic in the electoral and legislative process confirm the connotation.

A nation’s progress is measured by the political freedom, economic opportunities and social equality.

All are born to be free and economic prosperity in the absence of freedom is life without a purpose.

In the twenty first century, the people of Cuba and others facing persecution for their freedom quest deserve international support.

Liberty especially the freedom of expression is the inalienable human right.

Leadership is honorable when committed to celebrating life and not suppressing it.

Democracy is imminent with a bright future for the people of Cuba.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

People’s Republic of China – The Deadly Dragon

August 13, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

Profile – The world’s most populous nation, hailed the emerging economic power presumably in control of the U.S. Treasury and the EU Exchequer, world’s third largest country by total area and the second largest by … ranges forming China’s borders with India and Central Asia.

As the longest thriving Communist power, the totalitarian government embraced Capitalism parallel to its political setting with absolute control on policies directly contradictory to the free market system in the rest of the world.

Politically a Communist and economically a Capitalist nation, China is also a venerable member of the United Nations Security Council for reasons unfitting during the most important U.N. Structural formation post World War II. This has resulted in the excessive use of veto power by the authoritarian rule against all things humane and universally beneficial.

The Communist nation denounced as the fascist government in the new millennium by its enormous population, oppressed, repressed and deprived of basic human rights particularly the freedom of speech and the ominous communication censorship.

Tiananmen Square killings is a stark reminder to the global community that when a nation do not hesitate to murder scores of its unarmed civilians in worldview, it can never be taken for granted in the safe treatment of its neighbors. Case evidenced in the invasion and butchering of innocent Tibetan monks, men, women and children and the interference in neighboring Nepal’s politics by thrusting ‘Communism,’ on the entire ‘Hindu’ population unfamiliar with the concept until China’s arrival.

Just recently, the twentieth anniversary of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre observed solemnly and cautiously not on Chinese soil but elsewhere in an effort not to rock the ‘tug boat’ upheld as the Titanic due to the illusionary overcast in the perception among the world operatives.

The world must pay attention and act swiftly on the dragon nation’s role in the geo-political, economic, social, cultural and environmental issues.

In the economic front, the Communist regime gained advantage in the latter part of the twentieth century predominantly because of the pervasive economic boom in the United States and across the world with a sharp escalation in demands on a wide spectrum of consumer goods.

China wasted no time and seized the opportunity to strengthen the supplier status as the world’s largest ‘manufacturing warehouse’ sparing no consumer articles. In addition, China single handedly wiped out the prospects of any viable competition in the global economy with the ‘bargain’ deals as a tool… in attracting big and small manufacturers around the world.

Most businesses neglected their own workforce for the Communist governed rigid market. While others ignored poor and developing nations despite, their flexibility to the free market factors.

The surge in demands during the nineties from the U.S. and global prosperity prompted the secretive and secluded Chinese political system to break away from the economic protectionism and adopt a customized capitalism within the confines of Communism.

It’s essential to note the ironies in the treatment of Communist countries by the Western governments, i.e. the United States and Europe.

The ideal example is the Latin neighbor across the Caribbean, a long time foe of the United States, the ‘Communist’ Cuba that led to the nerve racking Cuban Missile Crisis, shortly halting the world on the possible confrontation between the nuclear Super Powers, the United States and the former Soviet Union.

Cuba has been isolated for decades and now there appears to be a glimpse of hope in the relationship between the United States and the Cuban authority, attributable to President Obama’s diplomacy message. The economic sanctions and travel restrictions (recently eased by President Obama) against Cuba on the charges of human rights violation and non-democratic power only punished the long-suffering Cuban population rather than achieving the intended goal to remove the ‘Communist’ power.

On the Contrary, the Communist China with no respect for international or humanitarian law crowned the world leader and perpetually granted MFN (Most Favored Nation) status along with premium membership in WTO (World Trade Organization)…

Such rewards speak volume about the hypocrisy in the Western foreign policy, not to mention the lack of courage in clipping the wings of the scavenger bird…inadvertently allowing the Communist nation’s dominance in the world economy and political sphere to the detriment of regional and global peace and security.

Why should the global population awaken to the Communist China’s Supremacy?

Apart from history related to foot binding and gleefully dispensing lives to build the landmark -‘Great Wall of China.’ the Chinese regime’s atrocities and recalcitrant conduct in dealing with the free market investors and entrepreneurs deserve scrutiny.

As stated above, China has artfully manipulated their currency to weaken the U.S. dollar and the investment in U.S. Treasury Notes is an insurance to bind the United States financially making it symbolic with the free and democratic USA indebted to a repressive Chinese regime. The scenario enabling the unruly government to relentlessly engage in arms supply to the impoverished regions of the world such as Darfur, Sudan, Congo, Rwanda, Sri Lanka and others.

Chinese aggressive takeover of the mass production of consumer goods has killed NAFTA, CAFTA… and responsible for countries like Mexico embroiled in war against the Drug Cartels emerging from poverty, despair and hopelessness, notwithstanding the other poorest nations unable to compete with China in winning the favorable trading status or luring manufacturing investments in their respective countries. Simply put, the Chinese over-indulgence negated chances for poorer nations in exporting goods to the consumer buoyant U.S. market.

With respect to trade and commerce, China’s latest ban on world-renowned ‘Google’ search engine on the bizarre pretext of protecting its population from pornography is an ill-conceived hogwash with nothing to rest on. Likewise, in the software saga – the mandatory requirement for all PC’s to contain built-in software in compliance with the regime’s prohibition of the free expression in the modern technological age is the direct imposition of Communist rule of law – “My way or High Way.”

Further, China is unique in the intellectual property warfare by leading the amateurs in the piracy, forging the patent right and the copyright of products and services especially with the ones manufactured in the USA.

Again, if it’s rampant in the publishing field, it’s potent in the music industry with the downloading of music and DVDs, endless supply of unauthorized imitations/copies of Hollywood movies prior to the legal distribution in the world market…

China’s monopoly in the cyberspace by preventing free market competition in accessing the expansive market share of the Chinese users aptly qualifies for the ‘big bully’ title.

It’s unwillingness to cooperate with France on the recommendation to hold overseas Corporations accountable for tax evasion through tax havens is a testimony to the regime’s lack of integrity.

International Sports like Beijing Olympics – China’s strategy to stomp USA by any means – hook or crook duly reported in the accidental slip of the Chinese on-line media and the vigilant international press. It has a specific reference to the cruel detainment of young Chinese athletes trained for ‘Gymnastics’ in the extreme and strenuous conditions against the International Olympic guidelines safeguarding the athletes’ interests.

In the scientific arena, the organ extortion for transplants and experiment turned a blind eye by the Communist authority, otherwise a stickler for rules and regulations enforced against normal existence.

Social Protocol – China’s population control measure involving one child policy triggered infanticide and alarming number of orphans especially female children in the appalling orphanages pleading the authorities to care for them.

Weapons of Mass Destruction – Easily delivered through food and various consumer products as experienced in the toxic toothpaste and lead based children’s toys, not excluding the leaking battery cells in laptop computers causing explosion in some incidents – from items manufactured in China.

Environment is oxymoron to the world’s largest polluter investing in gusto on fossil fuel from Australia and refusing to commit to greenhouse gas reduction by limiting carbon emission.

Similarly, an utter disregard for life in general, human trafficking is a normal activity and a huge lucrative trade carried out in a smooth operation with the knowledge of the regime within, along the borders and outside China by the undesirable elements normally serving time in prison in the lawful regions.

China’s footprints are traceable in almost every civil war and ethnic cleansing across the globe, being the voracious supplier of deadly and dangerous weapons. The military industrial complex thrives with the active purveyor like China.

China is guilty of genocide in Darfur, Sri Lankan ethnic cleansing, and most poignantly invasion, occupation and systemic violation of the peaceful and pious Tibetan population and culture.

Chinese Communist regime is the avant- guard and a substantial aid to militant North Korea, Burma, Sudan, Iran to name a few. It doesn’t fall behind in being a staunch ally to Pakistan in instigating and stirring tension with its nuclear neighbor India.

China’s role in the U.N. Security Council thus far is, remaining a vehement opponent of effective action against North Korea, Burma, Iran and dictatorships around the world.
What is the deadly dragon up to now in the region?

China’s insatiable appetite revealed in the most shocking and astonishing developments that would engulf the entire world if not intervened immediately.

The Chinese Communist regime invaded and destroyed the tranquility of the rich Tibetan culture and the peace loving Tibetan Buddhists, followed by the successful influence of ‘Communism’ on the ‘Hindu’ nation, Nepal. All of this happened on the international watch.

At present, the regime is in full preparation to take the world by storm with the aggressive invasion of the world’s largest democracy and the unfortunate closest neighbor, India.

Yes, you heard it right.

China has been active and infiltrating into the north and north eastern borders of India for quite some time and now the emboldened regime with the political and economic clout considers the moment ripe to devour the democratic, secular and nuclear India.

The Communist regime has mobilized the vast army through bullet trains and high speed transportations and solidly planning to surround the Indian borders on all sides. It’s just a matter of time.

Lately, the Chinese Think Tank, China International Institute for Strategic Studies (WWW.CIISS.ORG) masterminded a plan for the authoritarian rule and made the following proposal.

According to the plan, the regime advised to split India into 30 segments as India has 28 states and 7 union territories. Chinese regime asked to approach the vulnerable small and big nations such as Nepal, Bhutan and Pakistan in the North and Bangladesh in the North East to assist in disintegrating India like Europe and the former Soviet Union.

The plan is to divide India on ethnic and religious diversity by having each neighbor assigned with a specific task aided by the totalitarian China.

The think tank detailed the devious operation beginning from North India, Kashmir aptly assigned to nuclear Pakistan, West Bengal in the eastern border to Bangladesh because of similar ethnicity, create separatist movement in Tamil Nadu, Southern India and force India to concede to the fragmentation of itself.

China’s behavior doesn’t come as a surprise. China betrayed India soon after the long fought independence from the British Empire. China ambushed India in the most cowardly manner.

The Western-educated and political savvy, First Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru extended India’s friendship hand only to be bitten harshly by the Communist leadership in China, Zhou Enlai also known as Chou En-lai and the prominent Mao Zedong.

What should India do to thwart the aggression from the predator China?

Firstly, India must launch an aggressive campaign educating and addressing the rural and disenchanted mass in the local languages and dialects about China’s dubious plan. The Congress government and party must simultaneously resolve the pressing issues of the local population to build the necessary confidence and trust towards the government and the agencies.

India’s rescue from the monster attack depends on every citizen regardless of background, standing up to unite the nation and promote solidarity by rejecting the Chinese orchestrated propaganda targeting the weak and the gullible populace.

It’s truly a testing time for every Indian to display their patriotism and reach out to those who are confused and disoriented about the great future of the world’s largest democracy.

Remember the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi’s words – No matter what, India is a secular nation and will remain so now and in the future. It is the duty of the brave and smart citizens of India to demonstrate resolve against the foreign infiltration, and keep India unified at all costs.

Remind your fellow Indian citizens that irrespective of race, religion, skin color and socio-economic status, they are children of God. Everyone must come together as a national force and not a regional threat against one another falling into the enemy’s booby trap.

Bollywood could play a significant role through documentary or commercial films on the national unity theme. Don’t fail to include the footage of Tiananmen Square and present the realities of split Europe then and the unified Europe now through European Union. Also, provide the horrible images of the persecution of Tibetans, in the Tibet occupied by China and the plight of the ethnic Muslim population in the Chinese province.

Message for the regional neighbors – Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Pakistan:

The message replicated for the governments and the people of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal not to commit the blunder of aiding and abetting with the Communist regime in China that disregarded and disinherited its own people in the past and present. In fact, it would be foolhardy for the neighbors to set fire to the common habitat.

The government and the people of Bangladesh should not believe in the Communist rumors against Indian regional politics and refrain from becoming part of the political quagmire in the region.
Relevantly, Bangladesh will not be a free nation today, if not for the sacrifice of the Indian blood in the 1971 war against Pakistan to liberate the formerly known East Pakistan, that later became Bangladesh.

As for Bhutan and Nepal, heeding to the advice of the brutal Chinese regime to stir tensions or an uprising against India will be a political suicide and sure to backfire sooner than later resembling the fate of oppressed Tibet by China.

Pakistan as a mature nation should well understand that every action has equal and opposite reaction. The Communist China might project India as the vitriolic rival; however, the Chinese authority’s regional ambition should not be underestimated.

Any assistance by Pakistan to China in destabilizing India would be analogous to the naïve adolescent riding on the crocodile/alligator’s back to get across the river banks, only to become the scrumptious feast for the ever hungry marsh land creature.

The people of Indian Kashmir experiencing the freedom, peace, political and economic stability on the Indian side should not fall for misguided tales and lies through agents of the Chinese regime. Kashmiris should take a hard look at the Pakistan riddled with the militants occupation, terrorist camps and eternal chaos of suicide bombings, explosions contributing widespread fear among the Pakistani population about their security and future…

People of Tamil Nadu and West Bengal acknowledged for their sharp intellect should unanimously shun the foreign sources hired to sabotage the Indian national interest and stay committed towards the national defense.

Warning to the mighty and presumptuous People’s Republic of China that has neither represented the people nor demonstrated as the republic:

Based on the adequately available evidence, the Chinese troops mobilization along the north and north eastern borders of India must be withdrawn effective immediately and unconditionally. China has no business lingering around and near the clearly demarcated Indian territories.

The CIISS think tank diabolical strategy to distract the Chinese population drowned in decades of misery as political prisoners and the onset of economic gloom following the short-lived cornucopia do not justify the vicious and treacherous plot against neighboring India doing no harm whatsoever to the Chinese regime or the people of China.

If the Communist regime accepts the so-called think tank proposal and acts upon it to camouflage the domestic problems of different kinds –frustration among pro-democracy youth, unrest, ethnic tension with the Muslim population, uncertain economy, growing unemployment…

It would lead to devastating Galactic response with a great deal of variation. Any nation on planet earth in possession of the vast armed forces and nuclear arsenal is not invincible and therefore such assumption is purely delusional.

China’s despot leadership comprising Premier Wen Jiabao and President Hu Jintao should not underestimate the prophetic call and proceed to the destination of peril with the troop amassment around India.

It is clear to the international community that the Chinese leadership involvement in Darfur genocide, abuse of Tibetan population and suppression of democracy movement in China…unequivocally a humanitarian crime of greater impact in modern times.

Hence, it would justify calling for the worldwide boycott of goods and services from China and withdrawal of investments in hybrid or exclusive Chinese holdings by citizens for global peace and democracy.

The reconfiguration of the U.N. Security Council delivered for a purpose and the United Nations expected to act in accordance with the new world order. Any slight of the information would render the United Nations incapacitated confirming the majority opinion on the U.N. validity.

Finally, China’s activities along the Indian borders is an invitation to a free fall from the economic cliff with serious ramifications and failure to heed to the call would be catastrophic, perhaps in the form of assorted natural disasters.

It’s time for the universe to recognize the devil in disguise behind the masqueraded deadly dragon.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant