United States – National Legislation Failure to Protect Republic Interest

April 20, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

The recent legislations prompting sequestration – automatic spending cuts on national budget affecting essential programs due to congress and White House disagreement juxtaposed bipartisanship in perfect harmony on United States $3 billion donation over and above billions in military aid to Israel clarifies misplaced priority slighting public needs and national interest.

In the wake of several shootings in the United States, the legislation on requirement for background verification prior to issuing gun license struck down in the democrats dominated Senate.

The legislation apparently short of six votes in the 54 – 46 approval slated as NRA victory and major disappointment for Americans falling prey to daily violent victimization.

This outcome is not surprising and in fact a repeat scenario of Health Care Reform.

In 2009 millions of Americans across the spectrum came forward sharing painful experiences from astronomical health care expenses and pleaded with then democrats majority in the House, Senate and White House i.e. 2009 – 2010 to pass Single Payer or Public option plan only to be denied and,

Instead the legislators passed Obama Care imposing on citizens Health Care Industry desired insurance costs without premium cap and necessary stipulations in mandatory subscription to be effective in January 2014.

While Republican members outright rejection to public cause is well established,

The democrats’ position barring rare exceptions, the rest of them follow suit with opponents delivering legislation victory to campaign financiers and oligarchy.

Whether strict gun laws or bills to improve economic and social conditions,

The executive and legislative branches lack of commitment to serve constituents and national electorate electing them to office contribute to status quo.

NRA portrayed as second amendment right defender also represents arms manufacturers and defense industry that in turn fund congressional and Presidential candidates of both political parties conforming to Washington lobby.

For instance Honeywell Corporation from defense sector is one of many exerting influences over political apparatus.

The notion that prominent groups AIPAC, NRA, Goldman Sachs and Big Pharma …are powerful is a myth with reality revealing lawmakers and political leaderships weakness to resist financial incentives or alternatively submission to threats from these organizations on national legislation voiding democracy and electoral mandate.

When free will is exercised in drone strikes killing thousands of children, women and men abroad including funding of terrorists in Syria,

The executive order from White House in closing Guantanamo Bay need not be a predicament.

Congress and White House obliging Israeli and Wall Street lobby could certainly explore options for mutual consent on issues confronting the nation and most importantly significant population in dire economic situation.

The truth of the matter is political system sworn allegiance to special interests and foreign nation Israel’s Zionist ideology evades responsibility ignoring citizens plight.

Paradoxically the opposition essential in reversing trend like ending wars and multi-billion dollars annual gift to Israel estimated at $123 billion through various means to terrorize and oppress Palestinians as well as neighbors in Middle East gets cleared in congress and White House – the allocation taking precedence in fiscal discretion.

However, congressional bills related to American workers, families and taxpayers constantly involves gridlock, White House veto or worse viz. government shut down proving the relevance or the lack thereof applied to public concern on economy, social and political status.

People elect representatives to resolve crises and find solutions to problems affecting the community, province, state and nation at large.

Instead the elected officials engagement predominantly for personal gains defeats the purpose behind running for public office.

The concept of working together transcending differences for common goal and greater good could ease unnecessary tensions leading to effective governance.

Again using taxpayer funded resources and time efficiently to benefit citizens and economic growth builds confidence and trust saving political incumbents from organizing campaign financing to stay in power.

As for new contenders with political ambitions, pledges and promises on the campaign trail exemplified in action would be meaningful and guarantee better prospects for them even though politics attracts highest bidder traded with exclusive loyalty at national expense.

American awareness with respect to sharp decline in freedom is critical to prevent absolute subjugation upon them right now considering 24/7 surveillance with predator drones in the United States,

Use of Chemtrails – air assault on civilians spraying hazardous chemicals in residential neighborhood with schools, hospitals and many civic institutions in the area. The government hostility squandering millions of dollars in austerity era increase burden on American taxpayers other than health risks from exposure to dangerous substance in the environment.

NDAA – the authority self-entitlement to apprehend American citizens in the United States for GITMO treatment under military tribunal denying due legal process is a giant leap from Patriot Act.

Cyberspace patrol – The latest development is CISPA passed in the Republican House of Congress for complete access to citizens’ private communication and much more in that regard.

Besides all of the above, harassment in airports with full body scanner, biometrics and other invasive tactics following 9/11 false flag operation defies reason and civil rights in the nation once heralded as the ‘land of the free home of the brave.’

United States domestic and foreign policy is governed by sources espousing terrorism to maintain power with grand impunity for crimes against humanity.

The republic reclaiming power from Shadow Empire restoring constitution and democratic rule of law with checks and balances comprising recourse such as recall for poor performance and,

Transparent investigation and prosecution on abuse of power, treason and corruption depriving national income and progress is paramount for survival and real independence.

Wishing United States citizens liberty from plutocracy and perpetual warfare ever threatening global peace, security and stability.

Peace to all

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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