Brazil – Peaceful Resolution Key to National Stability and Security

June 24, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

The largest South American nation Brazil currently experiencing anti-government demonstrations across the country that initially began with dispute over bus fare hikes presumably reversed following people protests in this regard.

Now the anti-authority rally continues with further demands ranging from political reforms revoking the bill granting more immunity from legal proceedings against lawmakers involved in corruption scandals to addressing national issues like high taxes, inflation, jobs, health, education and better public services all around.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff promises to improve conditions in the recent televised national speech could be implemented immediately by changing course in legislation on anti-corruption bill including Transparency and Accountability Act barring exemptions in crime investigation.

Simultaneously the government setting up three years plan for investments in various social programs with a firm commitment to alleviate citizens plight could be an urgent priority.

The economic review to rectify disproportionate taxations, inflation and strategy to boost local production in manufacturing and service industry is imperative to stimulate growth.

The oil revenues divested in job creation, national health care, free education for the poor and marginalized demography emulating Venezuelan model would mitigate burgeoning problems that are not unique to Brazil but in fact shared amongst citizens worldwide.

Meanwhile, Brazilian population initiating direct talks with government through representatives committed to national interest is critical to avert foreign sources exploitation of situation given the eagerness to debilitate nations especially with oil reserves for en masse subjugation.

Hegemony infiltration instigating unrest cannot be ruled out considering prominent legacy prevalent to access foreign resources by causing internal turmoil.

Brazilian dissent with restraints refraining from violence, vandalism and looting is important to protect public and private property.

Any damages in this context would mean the people are the ones to bear repair and restoration costs as consumers and taxpayers in society defeating the purpose behind the call to fix rising taxes and prices in the country.

Brazil being a modern and civilized nation cannot afford to deviate from proper engagement and that could be meaningful negotiations and dialogue with the state and federal authority.

Peaceful assembly to express grievances is the national right of all citizens world over.

However, demonstrators utilizing opportunity to resolve crises with authority willing to redress citizens concerns in all affairs would be prudent and effective in producing desirable outcome.

Unlike Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan leadership authorized violent crackdown and refusal to accept responsibility for numerous mistakes that has led to foreign occupation under the pretext of Patriot missiles installation.

Besides enduring terror attacks in Reyhanli and southwestern Hatay province emanating from state sponsored terrorism against neighbor Syria.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff assurance to deal with citizens matter perhaps deserves national attention offering the political power the benefit of doubt in delivering the guarantee.

As for the spending on World Cup in 2014 and Olympics Games in 2016 – the bulk investments are usually made by FIFA and IOC along with corporate sponsors respectively with government expenditure upon efficient management in hosting international activities could be recovered in profits from diverse avenues viz. global telecast, commercials, local and overseas visitors participation as spectators, merchandise vendors and,

Not to mention the prime occasion promoting tourism as well as exports to potential buyers within and outside the region.

Brazilian government modernization efforts during these sports ventures might be aimed at tourist attractions and other economic prospects along side elevating national image in the ability to organize major events.

Nonetheless, these modifications could be carried out without compromising indigenous heritage and local residents livelihoods demonstrating care and respect for nationals regardless of socio economic and ethnic background.

Furthermore, government housing or financing with independent oversight to replace slums in urban dwelling in Rio de Janeiro or capital Brasilia, Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte and across the country would be a way forward to achieve goals benefitting people and national economy.

In contrast, the western leaderships in the United States, Britain, France and Germany squander tax income in terror operations targeting innocent lives in Syria and supplying weapons to dictatorships in Bahrain, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, UAE, Kuwait and wherever possible to prolong oppression and persecution.

Notwithstanding the western leaders abuse of power reflected in egregious decisions and gross neglect of domestic economy hurting their citizens denying them life with dignity.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and political establishment at different hierarchy interaction with citizens encouraging civil discourse avoiding excess force or aggressive practices to disperse crowds is essential to restore calm and stability.

The agents of chaos and destruction in their desire for global dominance seek troubles deploying overt or covert methods to gain entry for harmful intentions witnessed thus far.

Hence, Brazilian unity and government sincerity in the formation of national reconciliation committee with collective input using smart innovative ideas for self-sufficiency and fair distribution of equity from oil and several endowments is the viable solution to short and long term challenges confronting the nation.

Brazilian military and intelligence vigilance thwarting any threats to territorial integrity is crucial for national and regional security.

The destabilization of nations and regions is the contemporary trend and pose dilemma for nations earmarked in the imperialist agenda.

Regional cooperation and coordination strengthening bilateral and multilateral ties in trade and specifically national defense is paramount.

Brazilian government and republic adherence to non-violence with rational approach for a new beginning would be beneficial to all preventing foreign opportunists from taking undue advantage of the stalemate that could adversely affect the nation at large.

Best Wishes to citizens, President Dilma Rousseff and leaderships representing political, military, economic and social spectrum in exercising self-determination rights to introduce policies that are favorable to the entire nation upholding constitution, democratic values and individual freedom.

Safeguarding Brazil sovereignty is national responsibility and preservation would exemplify patriotism.

Wishing Brazil success in all frontiers as an emerging economy and reliable partner in global peace.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant