United States – 2016 and 2020 Presidential Election

October 28, 2021

United States – 2016 and 2020 Presidential Election

Padmini Arhant

Presidential elections 2016 and 2020 comparisons in reactions and actions following the election.

The 2016 Presidential election was considered a done deal with a foregone conclusion of the democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as the winner even before the election was held in the nation. The democrat Presidential contender Hillary Clinton is by far the most vetted candidate considering a sprawling yet highly controversial political career beginning in Little Rock, Arkansas to the nation’s Capital Washington, D.C. 

The democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s reluctance and defiance in accepting the previous 2008 election outcome in democrat primary against her democrat rival then Senator Barack Obama was viewed world wide. 

In 2016 the democrats primary election was fraught with internal conflicts within the party. It also involved the murder of then young 24-year-old Seth Rich, a democrat party worker shot dead in broad daylight in Washington D.C. The democrat party worker Seth Rich’s death barely caught media attention. Needless to say it did not bear relevance in the democrat party either. Seth Rich a democrat was the defacto democrat candidate Bernie Sanders supporter. The unlawful activities within democrat party in 2016 primaries prompted the democrat party worker Seth Rich to alert other fellow democrat workers due to serious ethical violations that eventually led to the resignation of then democrat party chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a democrat Congresswoman from Florida. The former DNC Chair Debbie Schultz was the democrat candidate Hillary Clinton’s strong supporter at that time. 

It was clear the democrat party primary election and nomination in 2016 was an internal battle with candidate Hillary Clinton reserved as the Presidential nominee and even going further, the President-elect in the domestic and foreign collaborative efforts to implement agenda in different aspects upon their preferred candidate Hillary Clinton assuming office in January 2017. 

Unfortunately for them, the 2016 turned out to be a major disappointment when the 2016 election delivered results against the democrats and foreign alliance anticipated outcome. The most aggravating issue for them was then Republican Presidential contender Donald Trump emerging the winner in 2016.

It would not be an exaggeration to describe the reaction and actions thereafter as all hell breaks loose from the democrat political party and those expecting the pre-ordained victory for their Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. 

The election night on November 4th, 2016 onwards up until January 2021, the dismissal of 2016 election result claiming the alleged Russian collusion dominated United States politics and congressional matter. The democrat party die hard supporters from different fields ranging from Hollywood to organizations affiliated to Clinton foundation and factions having invested $$$ in Hillary Clinton campaign were up the ante and launched personal attacks against then Presidential winner Donal Trump and campaign. 

There were some from Hollywood threatening  to blow up the White House while other so-called comedian actress exhibited her poor taste by holding a severed dummy head of the former President Donald Trump. She did not shy away from her public statement that in the real event there would be no ketchup alluding to violent regurgitation. 

Then there followed Robert Muller Committee wasting United States tax payer dollars to investigate the so-called Russian collusion in 2016 election. Even though the alleged Russian collusion well known as a political hatch by the accusers organized within Hillary Clinton campaign, the theatrics continued in Congress disrupting governance at all costs and any means to prove the myth about 2016 election. 

It did not end there. The series of investigations against the former President Donald Trump campaign and cabinet members not barring the former national security advisor General Michael Flynn and several others were subject to surveillance and FBI investigations in the extended Russian collusion allegation. 

The impeachment proceedings were also conducted against then serving President Donald Trump not once but twice setting precedence in American politics to indict the democratically and duly elected President between 2016 until January 2021.

The saga beginning in November 2016 until January 2021 is not yet over as it continues targeting members and individuals evident in the ongoing developments that are clearly politically motivated than moral or legal grounds behind these pursuits. 

Fast forward in 2020 election, the incumbent President Donald Trump securing the media confirmed 74 million votes though the actual figure falling anywhere between 80 – 84 million votes declared unsuccessful.

The real time voting and vote tabulations paused and intercepted in world view on election night in November 2020 arguably created dissatisfaction and mistrust in electoral process among the 84 million voters who voted for their incumbent candidate  President Donald Trump in 2020 election.

Furthermore, numerous voting irregularities and violations were noted and publicly substantiated during specific county election hearings viz, the Maricopa county in the state of Arizona that were not easily granted either.

The biggest travesty in the 2020 Presidential election debacle is the United States Supreme Court denying hearing on the matter. The 84 million voters represented as the electorate, United States citizens and taxpayers were declined a hearing at the highest court in land speaks volume on the democratic status or the lack thereof. 

Unlike the 2016 Presidential election, the 2020 Presidential election was adequately proved in public on foreign collusions, participation and deep involvement such as the real time vote tabulation in Berlin, Germany server rather than the United States technology resource.

The dissolved company in Spain hired in the voting machine calibrations and the fact dominion voting machine used in the election is reportedly Canadian based and not in the United States as would be required in any free and fair democratic election are incontrovertible. 

The direct influence of Beijing, the offshore billionaire George Soros directives known for interference in foreign elections and economies, the so-called social media viz. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo…unsocial  undemocratic rules preventing and punishing alternative views, voices and concerns constitute meddling in 2020 electoral process. 

Above all, the Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg’s unlawful investment in the democrat Presidential political campaign to a tune of half billion dollars in direct violation of election commission’s campaign donation limit not exceeding $2,900 per election for individual contribution was slighted in the 2020 Presidential election. 

The episodes in 2020 Presidential election breach is a setback for democracy and constitutional subversion. The foreign intervention starting with Beijing, the U.K. based billionaire George Soros and other foreign entities listed in the National Intelligence report suffice electoral interception. 

Internally, the domestic media, press, judiciary as well as state legislative assembly in the seven disputed states were a major let down for the American electorate expressing regrets and frustration over their votes not being counted and rejected in the 2020 Presidential election. 

Regardless, the 2016 Presidential election results were challenged throughout the four years term in office of the former President Donald Trump. 

In contrast, the 2020 Presidential election with conspicuous violations in the domestic and foreign front qualifying as rigged election maintained as fair and flawless mandate in itself is an irony.

Not to mention the contemporary crack down on discussions related to 2020 Presidential election exemplify zero tolerance to free speech. The constitutional right to present different perspectives in a democracy attracting politically charged repercussions is indicative of hard line policy in semblance with anti-democratic system viz. Beijing, China. 

The 2020 Presidential election is a victory for Beijing and anti-democratic elements evading responsibility on the pandemic triggering economic shut down in the United States Presidential election year. 

The two Presidential elections conclusively differ in civil democratic applications and compliance revealing the intoxication of power. The vulnerabilities with internal and external saboteurs exacerbate individual rights undermining constitution in the overt subjugation of the republic to legitimize illegitimacy. 

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter



World Health – COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown Anniversary

March 20, 2021

World Health – COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown Anniversary

Padmini Arhant

On this day March 20th, 2020, the official lockdown began in the United States followed by many in other parts of the world to combat the deadly pathogen corona virus that has consumed millions of lives world over.  The virus continues to affect many with several thousands hospitalized as well as saved from the jaws of death until today. Though vaccine is available as a precautionary measure, those already affected have been through enormous strife with concerns over corona variant from different locations fomenting anxiety to existing pandemic situation.

Health crisis on one side, the economic impact from the pandemic requiring lockdowns in the initial stage extended over a long period has been more devastating above all. The job losses, businesses forced into shut downs, children and college students unable to attend regular schools and much more that are immeasurable. The pandemic has inflicted irreversible loss of lives with pain and suffering endured among vast majority of humanity. The intriguing aspect in this extraordinary plight is the emergence of corona variants while the earlier corona virus COVID-19 barely contained amid vaccinations and medical attention to stymie super spreading.

The corona virus has been deadlier than nuclear meltdown. The genetically altered virus manufactured in Wuhan lab, China claimed many lives in Wuhan, Hubei Province in China.

Yet Beijing and those funding the bizarre research admittedly to test virus transmission from human to human gone haywire neither have moral conscience nor courage to accept responsibility for heinous crime against humanity. Instead these entities are widely greeted, lauded and respected as powerful and influential.

The economic collapse from the pandemic is incomprehensible. Many nations have succumbed to colossal despair and economic decline to the point of return.

Beijing, World Health Organization and Wuhan lab corona virus experiment funders bear direct responsibility for the pandemic and miseries related to COVID-19.

The pandemic wreaking havoc across the globe paralyzing economy from lockdowns and causing health catastrophe tantamount to biowarfare against humanity. The more virus unleashed as variant is bioweapon for those with diabolical goals like depopulation and pervasive economic assault on global citizenry.

One may circumvent issues and evade accountability. However, the tragedies and calamity brought upon humanity by them will ever cast a shadow permanently smearing the facade maintained as authorities as they continue to defend their legacy, the human rights record in particular.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter



Fox News Selective Amnesia

March 19, 2021

Fox News Selective Amnesia

Padmini Arhant

How long is Fox News going to exhibit selective amnesia?

Fox News – the front liner in subverting Presidential election 2020 to favor Beijing controlled White House is now calling out the benefactor communist regime?

What is the agenda behind this unscrupulous strategy?

Fox News media owner – the Murdoch heirs invested millions of dollars in Beijing run 2020 Presidential campaign. 

All of a sudden pretending to be on the other side of the fence having installed Beijing in power.

How long is Fox News planning to mislead and misrepresent self-position?

When in reality, Fox News and counterparts are directly responsible in bringing down United States of America and everything it is pledged to protect freedom, democracy, constitution and sovereignty.

Fox News needs to stop bogus display and cease insulting audience intelligence. That would apply upon anyone still watching the deceptive news network pull the wool over their eyes.

Some things are designed to degenerate and be destructive. The network in this respect is leading the media legion.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter









Attention – Deep State and Deep State Media

December 6, 2020

Attention – Deep State and Deep State Media

Padmini Arhant

It is about time the desperate corrupt evil deep state and deep state media quit nuanced propaganda and insinuations to deceive, mislead and misrepresent not only the United States but the entire world.

The divine mission is real unlike the deep state orchestrated political theatrics and endless woeful shenanigans much to own peril.

The Presidential election in the United States is a historic fraud enabling the China communist regime, external and internal colluders to steal election and terminate republic status. United States citizens caring about their individual rights, liberty and freedom of choices rising to the occasion rejecting foreign infiltration is critical to save democracy and restore constitution guided governance reversing the status quo on electoral outcome.

The billions of population across the globe are deprived of the inalienable right to live and lead a life with dignity, fair opportunity that guarantees them their share of progress and prosperity hogged by the criminal evil doers representing the globalists deep state and secret society.

The deadly virus unleashed on citizens with millions prematurely forced to die and scores hospitalized worldwide is a planned pre-meditated horrendous crime against humanity. The predators protected rather than being held accountable is a precursor to inevitable end of all things and entities that are destructive and catastrophic. 

The cowardly tactics using proxies, pawns and puppets servile to criminal clique is a disgrace portending imminent decline and dissipation of those behind and complicit in all criminal activities and abominable sins not without judgement from the highest order – the Supreme Almighty God.

Padmini Arhant

China Communist Military Activities

November 12, 2020

China Communist Military Activities

Padmini Arhant

United States President Donald Trump’s executive order banning China Communist Military companies trading in United States securities is a tremendous step in the right direction.

Similarly, the US State Department headed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s persistent defense of Hong Kong’s autonomy stripped by Beijing on international watch and accordingly relevant actions are noteworthy. 

China’s communist leadership military, intelligence and extravagant ventures exploiting vulnerabilities of developing nations not without critical support and collusion from those with exclusive vested interests in particular in the United States and Europe facilitated China’s direct infiltration and incursion against neighbors near and far. The ambitions largely aimed at United States in the past two decades is not a mere perception. 

Setting aside the raucous on the 2020 election, the important factor is the 2020 Presidential election campaign funded by China’s affiliates and Chinese major investors to replace the incumbent administration of President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is well founded in the political standpoint. 

Notwithstanding the absence of transparency in election funding and the Presidential race attracting bidders from all corners with deep pockets as well as specific agenda calls for Presidential campaigns to come clean and present the direct and indirect funding source.

The Presidential race fought on the issue of COVID19 originating from Wuhan, China financed by Beijing controlled investments in United States election to gain desirable outcome in China’s Communist Politburo favor award Beijing victory deceptively touted as American electorate mandate.

Reiterating earlier position stated on this website, there is an urgent requirement to probe China communist military and intelligence including corporate proxies indulgence in the 2020 Presidential race considering the previous 2016 Presidential election was declared Russiagate with the entire four years 2016-2019 expended in fact finding through Robert Mueller committee and other branches such as FBI and Department of Justice involvement to get to the bottom.

In the Presidential election 2020, the unleashing of deadly infectious corona virus in late 2019 and information withheld from international community by Beijing and WHO director general Ghebreyesus until March 2019 on the ravaging viral transmission via human contact and primarily international travel with catastrophic impact on health and economy worldwide is no ordinary event.

Anyone expressing disdain on COVID19 ramifications attributing to mishandling and mismanagement of the pandemic would seek investigation on China’s role in the United States 2020 election benefitting those taking advantage of the best of both situations viz. COVID19 and the pandemic origin China’s finance to their political campaign.

Otherwise, criticizing COVID19 casualties as the incumbent’s fault while accepting China Communist Party representatives cash flow in the United States 2020 election to install the administration pledged to complicity with CCP rather than subjecting Beijing to accountability would clarify duplicity.

Presidential race 2020 associated with China Communist Party and military as well as Beijing’s espionage activities unraveling just prior to election month debunk any assertion to these incidents as conspiracy theory. 

As such the corona virus experiments carried out in Wuhan Virology Institute, China back in 2009 and onwards projecting the potential threat to humanity from the deadly virus anytime and that virus release coinciding with the United States Presidential election 2020 reveals there is more than it meets the eye. 

All the more reasons to pay attention to China Communist leadership, the military and intelligence aspirations in foreign shores.

In the United States, the Presidential election campaign money running up to officially $14 billion and unofficially far greater budget equally merit inquiry.

Those having nothing to hide would submit to campaign scrutiny with Beijing’s overwhelming expansionism in the contemporary era. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter







India China LAC standoff Update

July 31, 2020

India China LAC standoff 


Padmini Arhant

UpdateAccording to Indian army officers, China has expanded occupation with troop deployment along the north east region viz. Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand near Lipulekh Pass on Manasarovar route. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s hesitation to call out China by name in speeches until now is strange at best and paradoxical at worst in terms of BJP’s nationalist jingoism.

China’s continuous infiltration in Indian territory is reminiscent of 1962 scenario. At that time, Menon was fired for utter failure and lack of preparedness to defend India against aggressor China. 

India China LAC dispute escalated to new level  with China amassing troops along with boats at the contentious Pangong lake long been regarded Indian territory while disengagement claimed by both sides in political commentary. 

China’s ongoing penetration in Indian territory setting up tents and huts to accommodate large troop deployment in the Pangong Tso confirmed via satellite images contribute to anything but de-escalation of friction.

The core objective of the military commanders talks held on June 30th, 2020 and subsequent dialogue between Indian National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi on July 5th, 2020 submitted to reduce tension in eastern Ladakh. 

Beijing and PLA commanders default in honoring their commitment on de-escalation is a major credibility factor that China continues to suffer on all matter whether COViD19 pandemic or economic trade and military agreements exacerbating peace and diplomacy to nothing more than a formality. 

China’s latest unequivocal troop presence in Pangong Tso ridgeline at Finger 4 not 14 arguably obstruct withdrawal process expected  per high level military and political discussion in the past two months following unnecessary preventable loss of lives involving defense personnel on both sides that could have been averted by maintaining the respective boundary lines without encroachment. 

The political statements from India and China might be set on conciliatory tone to deter public awareness on actual situation in high altitude that is far from reality considering Beijing’s reluctance to retreat from the line of incursion. 

Chinese authorities protracted military undertakings in the Himalayas against India and multitude skirmishes in South China Sea amid COVID 19 health crises consuming lives globally with no end in sight to which Beijing is yet to acknowledge responsibility regardless of the contested origin i.e. Wuhan Institute of Virology or the wet market place in Wuhan city in China is an enormous challenge for Beijing. 

Not to mention the pandemic’s catastrophic impact on global economy including China.

Beijing leaderships together with PLA commanders recognition of the sprawling confrontation against neighbors near and far jeopardizing everything China gained in the last three decades on economic growth adding to military strength now used to threaten peace and stability in Asia and Asia Pacific reflect internal political turmoil and deflection of pandemic effects attracting global ire towards Beijing. 

Indian leaderships in New Delhi. PM Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and National Security Advisor Ajit Doval directing focus on containing the border issues demonstrating honest and credible actions in restoring India’s territorial integrity against China is the priority more than any other ideological religious debate besides controlling corona virus spikes in the country. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter







Global Citizens Petition for WHO Director General Resignation

May 23, 2020

Global Citizens Petition for WHO Director General Resignation

Padmini Arhant

Global citizens petition for World Health Organization Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus resignation rejected by Murder Inc., the shadow world government reining control over nearly 8 billion lives on Earth clarifies apathy and disdain for ordinary citizens enduring extraordinary pain and misery from the pandemic. 

The global pandemic victims’ families and survivors experiencing excruciating health and economic ordeal deserve to know from Murder Inc. protecting members responsible for massive loss of lives and economic collapse, the reason behind impunity to World Health Organization authority having miserably failed in saving lives by following China’s dictum to conceal information clearly identified as corruption and willful negligence in the highest order.

Why should the pandemic victims and those affected be silenced and disregarded in the heinous crime against humanity when the Murder Inc. launch attacks against nations on false pretext citing biological and chemical weapons to invade and occupy foreign land?

The Murder Inc. paradoxical strategy target innocent lives world over while shielding and providing impunity to those involved in mass murder and genocide deploying communication outlets and media to defend indefensible offense and criminal actions. The systemic abuse is deplorable.

Under these circumstances, the World Health Organization authority agreement to review lapses originating from China and the global health body own mismanagement with flawed guidance equally at default maintaining Beijing’s position that led to pandemic explosion is an insult to human intelligence and humanity at large.

When those accountable for egregious decisions causing pandemic are granted immunity, the Murder Inc. continues to remain existential threat to humanity, global health, economic and political progress as well as peace and security. 

The global citizens demand for WHO authority Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus resignation is legitimate and well qualified considering the director general’s past record in previous positions conceivably led to outbreaks in alarming proportions and repeat performance in the current pandemic verify the dismal trajectory. 

Anyone in favor of retaining the service of WHO director general purely for political interests despite the authority misleading international community with conflicting instructions obliging Beijing that triggered the pandemic cannot be the party concerned about global health safety and wellness. On the contrary, these entities pose imminent danger to humanity and civilization.

Global citizenry renewed call on this matter and end to shadow government viz. Murder Inc. authorizing permanent indemnity to continue business as usual is critical to safeguard individual health and economic status moving forward. 

Every citizen in the world frustrated and tired of generational suffering and aspire freedom in all aspects must denounce the shadow government Murder Inc. secrecy and free the world from prolonged open and disguised oppression. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter










World Health Organization Failure and Director General Resignation

April 24, 2020

World Health Organization Failure and Director General Resignation

Padmini Arhant

The UN body set up for public health management as the name suggests i.e. World Health Organization (WHO) miserably failed on corona virus containment. The director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus earlier statements at corona virus outbreak in Wuhan, China in adherence to China Communist Party’s instructions underestimating the virus rapid contagion impact describing the epidemic in Wuhan at that time as not alarming contributed to status quo.

Furthermore, the WHO  position at that time was the corona virus had no human to human transmission and advised against travel ban that essentially transformed the local epidemic in Wuhan, China into global pandemic.

World Health Organization funded to exercise independent authority without submitting to any pressure or accepting incentives from anywhere for personal and vested interests adopting reverse approach allowing corona virus explosion is not a minor error that could be ignored on political correctness and other meaningless explanations provided in defense.

The international body erring right at the beginning, the critical juncture demanding precautionary measures and swift actions to save lives and prevent pervasive infection slighted with no after thought on such grave stance.  Needless to say, WHO cooperation echoing China’s leadership (CCP) version and interpretation of the highly infectious virus as not a threat to humanity considering previous epidemics like H1N1, SARS and MERS…with preceding ones in communicable disease having originated in China and MERS from Saudi Arabia was a colossal mistake that erupted into ravaging pandemic consuming lives necessitating global economic shutdown costing more lives and livelihoods as a result of the deadly virus.

The loss of precious lives and agony experienced by victims and families in the health disaster from corona virus is not an ordinary plight. The economic toll leaving billions around the world in poverty, hunger and starvation not to mention the global economic collapse creating insurmountable uncertainties and immeasurable financial difficulties is a monumental challenge confronting citizens worldwide.

In normal and abnormal situations anywhere, an employee in any sector and industry conscientiously at fault would not continue with the job and neither be encouraged to carry on with the affairs where responsibility flouted in the first place causing tremendous health and economic tragedies only expected to prolong until unknown period.

That being the case, anyone appointed with salary, perks and privileges at the helm entrusted with a serious task of health management and global citizens well being assuming the duty for granted with decisions based on China Communist Party leadership (CCP) recommendations covering up facts and figures amid avalanche of incidents in the then epicenter Wuhan, China bare evidence.  The diligence, prudence and vigilance abstinence at the crucial moment proved catastrophic for the entire world is not something to be taken on stride and left behind as a bad dream especially when the dream has evolved into a living nightmare for many all around.

Although, those in position of power and authority maintaining close ties with entities flexing influence are exempt from accountability, the tradition exacerbate human frustration and patience on fundamental change holding none above law in all matter.

In this respect, World Health Organization Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus investing complete faith and trust in China Communist Party (CCP) narratives releasing official reports contradictory to pandemic events in the original domain rather than the autonomous World Health Organization (WHO) conducting own investigation examining ground reality in Wuhan, China amount to misleading, misguidance and gross negligence in handling the pandemic.

The global pandemic inflicting deaths and destruction of lives in the magnitude beyond sustainability and economic injustice affecting billions in epic proportion appropriately seek the resignation of Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus from heading the World Health Organuzation effective immediately.

World Health Organization sharing the woes of alleged corruption and lack of transparency in many aspects overhauling the structure and prevailing in the scrutiny on international oversight representing common citizens not elite members in the panel is paramount to gain public confidence in the otherwise ethically fractured auspices.

As for China, the Communist Party leaderships in Beijing are obligatory to humanity at large in presenting actual data and accounts on corona virus since emergence up until now in addition to deploying strict quality control on functionality and effectiveness of medical supplies and equipment shipped to various destinations around the globe.

Last but not the least, the Central authority in Beijing arguably hit with libel suits for withholding vital information on corona virus triggering ripple effects on global health and economy heeding citizens urgent needs and emergency care within China abandoning secrecy and intolerance to whistle blowers  in medical community would enormously help in mitigating the unprecedented health and economic crises.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter



People’s Republic of China – Domestic and Foreign Policy

February 19, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

There is an inherent danger in the hybrid economies with the state controlled capitalism conspicuous in the Google – China controversy with the hackers in China infiltrating the Gmail user accounts.

Having been threatened by Beijing recently, I can relate to the incident.

Hence my message to Beijing is:

I remain steadfast in my commitment to the humanitarian cause and strongly condemn the Communist nation’s following actions:

Human rights violation against the people of China,

Suppression of democracy

Imprisonment of Chinese dissidents

Failure to curb human trafficking and organ extortion crimes in and from China.

Interference in foreign nations’ visitor protocol – example United States and India.

Harassment of foreign investors in Chinese soil,

Patent law and Copyrights infringement.

Music, Movies and Software piracy.

Currency manipulation to gain export advantage against the United States and the rest of the world.

Arms supply to Africa,

Aiding ethnic cleansing in Sri Lanka,

Promoting tension between Pakistan and India on Kashmir,

Territorial dispute with India and incursion in the northeastern border concerning the Indian state Arunachal Pradesh.

Refusing to acknowledge Taiwan’s sovereignty.

Forging defense and economic partnership with the dictatorial regime, the military Junta in Burma.

Non-cooperation with international community on Iran and North Korea nuclear standoff.

Abuse of the U.N Security Council permanent membership.

Declining support in the global financial regulations on tax havens used by corporations.

Disregard for the COP15 Copenhagen environmental accord.

And the most reprehensible crime against humanity being –

The illegal invasion and occupation of the independent nation – Tibet

Innocent men, women, children and the Buddhist Monks of Tibet subject to tyranny and persecution.

Systemic eradication of Tibetan culture.

Desecration of the Tibetan shrines and the Tibetan Buddhist religion constituting sacrilegious in the highest order.

It’s important for the Chinese leadership to understand that economic prosperity without freedom is analogous to the bird with clipped wings locked in a golden cage.

Sooner than later the caged bird would set itself free as all living species are born to be free.

Individuals with authority fail to understand that no matter how mighty and powerful one might be –

All things must end for a new beginning in compliance with the natural law.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Misplaced Diplomacy – His Holiness Dalai Lama’s Visit to Washington

October 8, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

His Holiness Dalai Lama is one of the favorite guests for the people around the world. The spiritual leader is a personification of peace, joy and immense hope for the people of Tibet and an overwhelming majority in the international community.

His Holiness’ visit has been anything except controversial in any part of the world, despite the authority in China politicizing the spiritual leader’s visit to deflect the horrendous humanitarian crime against the peaceful Tibetan population not barring the suppression of democracy in the Mainland and ethnic provinces of China.

According to the news reports, Washington has differed the meeting with his holiness as a precautionary measure due to the impending visit by the President of the United States to China and the possible ramifications on the Chinese leadership cooperation or the lack thereof in the economic and environment policy, notwithstanding the contentious Iranian nuclear negotiations.

All the more reason for the urgent expansion of the United Nations Security Council that holds the globally persecuted population hostage to camouflage the atrocities against humanity.

The White House elected option in this context is extremely disappointing considering the democratic status and the tradition followed with respect to receiving guests from diverse backgrounds to promote diplomacy unless the entity is a threat to national or international security…

There appears to be a mistaken identity. The regime in China should realize that the guest denied honorable reception to appease them is not Osama, but instead the diametrically opposite being, the Dalai Lama and Beijing’s implied deliberations on the important global matter suggests the implicit spread of the world’s most fearsome ‘Communist’ rule by proxy against even the firmly democratic United States and other nations.

Interestingly, China’s neighbor and the obvious thorn on their side, Taiwan was threatened by the Communist regime stating the protocol as provocative during the holiness recent visit to the island nation. However, the Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou let diplomacy override the political shenanigan from Beijing.

As detailed earlier in the blogpost on this website –” People’s Republic of China – The Deadly Dragon” published on 08/13/2009, letting the Communist regime dictate terms and conditions to the nations regardless of stature is a dangerous precedence and inflates the hubris of the authority responsible for the most genocides worldwide.

The irony is, the repressive regime reining in on the economic power through tactical investment in U.S. Treasury notes while dumping goods on the U.S. consumers thereby enslaving the ‘Superpower’ to the point of no return. Meanwhile, the Communist nation engaged in worst humanitarian crimes in history remains a mere spectacle dissipating into a fading memory.

The International Court of Justice as the UN judiciary has diligently held trials against the perpetrators of human atrocities until date. Similarly, the International criminal court, a permanent tribunal potentially has global jurisdiction on war crimes to genocides and other massacres. Yet, the two most internationally dependent judicial systems are oblivious to the regime’s historical brutality towards humans across the globe.

The heinous crimes among them are – the systemic abuse of the Tibetan population and desecration of the holy shrines including the enriched Tibetan culture.

Subsequently, the Tiananmen massacre in worldview, Darfur genocide, Sri Lankan Government ethnic cleansing and now the mass killings of the people of Guinea, West Africa by the military dictator has Beijing’s footprints i.e. trademarks as the chief supplier of the conventional deadly arsenals to these impoverished regions.

North Korea, Pakistan and Iran are in the MFN (Most Favored Nation) category for the Communist nation in the prolific arms race.

Notably in Darfur, the authoritarian rule violating the self sanctioned UN arms embargo as the permanent member of the UN Security council is the absolute defiance for the international rule of law by the regime, essentially delivering the present P5 UN Security Council irrelevant, if not a laughing stock to say the least.

In light of the continuous denouncement by Beijing towards his holiness’ visit to any nations for a spiritual and educational purpose or otherwise, it’s imperative for the UN General assembly to condemn the dictatorial regime and act vigorously by demanding the dissolution of the UN Security Council with members violating their resolutions for political and economic gains.

The present UN Security Council has emboldened the rogue nations with the leadership of China as the Chieftain successfully enabling the holocausts around the world particularly the oppressed Tibet in the Himalayan foothills.

China had no business to invade Tibet before and has no reason to occupy the region now. Therefore, it’s in the best interest of the Chinese regime to heed to the prophetic warning and prepare for Tibet’s inevitable independence and not the autonomy as pleaded by the spiritual leader, Dalai Lama.

The Tibetan population deserves freedom and democracy through self-governance and not be subject to a diabolical rule in the twenty first century. This is not the Genghis Khan or Kublai Khan era for annexations and the international authorities cannot ignore the extreme human suffering under the past and the present Communist dictatorship.

Lack of action to bring the Chinese leadership to justice is complicity to the human annihilation in the worst order leaving a violent legacy for the future world.

As for China, holding the U.S. trillion dollar debt and defying the climate issue will be self-detrimental. Any willful harm to the world’s largest consumer base, the U.S. economy is an economic disaster for the global warehouse, China interdependent on the U.S. performance to sustain the presumptuous ‘emerging economic’ position in the global market. Even if China threatens to discard the U.S. currency, it would be fatal for the Chinese economic prospects given the volatility in the other international currency such as Euro resisting the precipitous rise, taking toll on the export nations like Germany.

Non-compliance to the environmental requirement is an invitation to the calamities continually experienced in several parts of China ranging from the earthquake, floods and typhoons that no longer constitutes a natural act.

With respect to the Iranian nuclear negotiations, it should be clear from the horrific evidence in Sudan (Darfur), North Korea and Burma that Beijing’s commitment to world peace and order is to be taken with a grain of salt because of the back alley trading and cohesion to the belligerent leaderships in these regions, conforming with the belief,

Birds of a feather flock together.

Besides, the present UN Security Council will be unable to deter Beijing from trading with Iran. China’s huge investments in the oil refineries, the hindering factor for Iran from becoming the leading crude oil exporter is in the elimination process through Beijing’s extensive involvement with Iran to satisfy the oil quest from the economic growth.

The only alternative to contain the recalcitrant Beijing is to expand the UN Security Council from P5 to P11 and introduce credibility to the UN authority governing the global crisis.

Throughout history, the communist leadership in China has demonstrated a disturbing and an untrustworthy relationship with its neighbors and other economies to achieve the long desired ‘Superpower’ goal. The mounting betrayal to humanity is a tip of the iceberg.

The U.S. subservience to China is a regrettable trend reflected in Beijing’s unethical demands to the American investors e.g. Google barred from competing in China on bizarre accounts and the mandatory regulation for technology sector to market PCs with built-in filters to curb free speech… are a few of the unscrupulous practices in the Far-Eastern ethos. Free and fairness is oxymoron to the regime.

The White House obliging to Beijing’s unnecessary intervention in diplomatic course with individuals and nations warrants a serious threat to the U.S sovereignty previously undermined by the espionage charges against Beijing’s agents and the recent alleged spying via telecommunication cables.

It’s time for the world population to come together and reject the totalitarian regime in China wreaking havoc not only in its own soil but also for the entire humanity. Since the democratically elected governments are reluctant to challenge the regime, pursuing peaceful and non-violent dissent against injustice is symbolic and a guaranteed success for liberation proven in the twentieth century.

Another effective strategy for the world population is to invest in other economies deserving equal opportunity to economic freedom.

The White House misplaced diplomacy against the spiritual leader might be an interim false victory for Beijing. Nevertheless, the ancient wisdom confirms that the end is near when the mind is unclear revealed through Beijing’s double-crossing in the domestic and international affairs.

Tibet was once a free spiritual sanctuary and destined to be so in the immediate future. Only time will prove the certain outcome for the pious and peace-loving Tibetan population.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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