United States – State of the Union Address 2018

January 31, 2018

United States – State of the Union Address 2018

Padmini Arhant


President Donald Trump delivered his first State of the Union Address to the nation and viewers worldwide.

I present my thoughts on the address.

The domestic issues related to job creation, lowering unemployment among African Americans and Latino Americans besides other achievements were highlighted in the speech. The tax reform legislation with tax breaks for various groups though the tax relief for individuals are temporary with an expiry date compared to corporations’ permanent tax cuts and stock market record breaking performance were brought to attention. They are relevant and important milestones for this administration and Congress.

The ordinary citizens in different occupations especially the members involved in rescue operations of natural disasters and those fighting crimes within nation were appreciated and commended in the first segment of the speech. These citizens deserved acknowledgment for risking their lives and saving others from life and death situation demonstrating care and compassion in the hour of need.

There was also a pledge to reduce the cost of prescription drugs that are astronomical leaving patients suffering from terminal illnesses with hard choices between buying medications to fight disease and food for survival.

The message on economy was optimistic and complimenting brave citizens for their selfless actions were humanizing in the Presidential delivery.

There was also emphasis on unity considering the divisiveness based on misrepresentation and propaganda of different types in communication outlets that are contributing to polarization. The gesture to transcend identity and accept one another as American is a positive note. The conciliatory approach on immigration recognizing the DACA issue as one of the four pillars including border security is welcome.

The second chance with job prospects for prison inmates having satisfied necessary time is a good moral and economic support to help them reform and settle as productive citizens in society. In this respect, the plan to open and set up vocational institutes and other labor training facilities would certainly be impetus for youths straying in life and committing crimes adding to prison population in the country.

I did not hear any specific benefit to college students on education loan that is vital as there are many of them in this category saddled with education debt prior to starting their career. The student loan is another area other than mortgage that often weighs down on ordinary citizens unable to have any savings after paying the huge interest laden debt. The low or no interest easy payment plan to students and their families would definitely boost college enrollment and educated work force.

Infrastructure to build roads, railways, bridges and ports were addressed in the President’s speech that are all important with bipartisanship in funding the projects leaving politics aside is essential.

The transition from free trade agenda to fair trade with reciprocal arrangement conforms to proposal on this website.

On religion, the guarantee to safeguard religious rights as constitutional norm is conducive and crucial for social harmony.

These issues were all right on track and pertinent to building America.

What I did not hear from the President that is significant not only to America but also to the survival of all species is the environment protection and reducing carbon emission. The administration should review the Paris Climate treaty objectively though I’m yet to familiarize myself on the details of the accord which I will do in the immediate future to understand the nature and commitments of the signatories to the agreement.

In my experience, the environment accord is usually limited to consent and not necessarily translated into action by major polluters viz. United States, China, India and other industrialized as well as emerging economies contributing to global warming and ice caps melting in the north and south poles specifically the arctic and Antarctic respectively endangering marine life and human inhabitation in remote regions of the world.

In fact, the fire, hurricanes, floods and freezing temperatures the President cited in his address are the results of gross environment abuse and neglect that could no longer be slighted prompting serious engagement from government to citizen level to curb environment deterioration. The wealth and economic development are meaningless in the absence of clean air and water critical for life.

Unfortunately, the President heeding to coal industry and endorsing fossil fuel production rather than reduction with export possibilities to other nations is not a viable option on environment preservation. Instead the coal miners and other energy companies should consider clean renewable energy using natural resources like solar, wind and hydrothermal projects and contain fossil fuel dependency. The oil companies constant drilling, fracking and digging in deep and shallow water along with pipelines like the controversial Keystone project ignoring native Americans plea to spare their territory prioritize profit over people and planet sustenance.

The administration’s focus and obligation to protect oceans and rivers from contamination and the atmosphere from pollution is key to healthy living standards that would also decrease health care costs for the nation. Again, clean air and water is not a privilege but indeed a necessity for all to exist and experience healthy life span.

Now on foreign policy. Not surprisingly, the foreign policy advocates input in the State of the Union Address targeting the usual nations as adversaries was predictable. The distinct remarks against some were not only repetitive stance but pronounce stagnancy in changing course from their archaic view of the world and refusing to accept the transformative geopolitical landscape.

Simultaneously touting the allies’ erroneous demands and indulgence viz. Israel and Saudi Arabia with the former occupation of Palestine and defiant settlement activities in Palestinian territories while the latter pounding of Yemen using United States sold artillery in Yemen are proved counterproductive.

The administration’s egregious decision on Jerusalem is neither in United States nor Israel’s interest as claimed in the speech. Jerusalem is a holy city shared among natives and residents settled thereafter creation of Israel on Palestine. The unilateral declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is provocative and appropriately ruled out in the UN vote by majority in the world.

The President expectation from nations to fall in line on international affairs such as Jerusalem deny these nations sovereign right to express dissent and their citizens’ position on global matter. The anticipation on complacency and complicity from nations as recipients of United States financial aid and funding of the United Nations qualifies as bribery to buy votes in the UN voting process defeating the legitimate purpose of an international body.

On North Korea –  the President reminisced the formation of union with then patriots’ resolve for self-governance that led to the emergence of United States of America proudly declared an independent nation on earth.

However, the free country not entirely free in governance with diverse special interests from within and outside exerting control over United States investments has developed into imperialist power despite failures and consistent debacles from illegal invasion and occupation of foreign land.

The irony with western colonial powers is they cherish own freedom and take pride in subjugation and colonization of nations worldwide. The colonial mindset rejects the rights of all human beings to liberty and independence from foreign intervention.

North Korea’s aspiration for reunification of Korea as an independent, sovereign nation liberated from foreign military on the borders and repressive UNSC economic sanctions is an inalienable right of the people of that country. United States long standing imposition on North Korea is direct violation of North Korean sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The same would be applicable to United States engagement in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and wherever United States military bases are established indefinitely declining the citizens of these nations the self-determination in governance of their choice without foreign troops and sponsored terror outfits presence.

The imperial quest premised on unfettered access to economic reserves and strategic dominance prompting military and terror infiltration in foreign land is a flawed strategy and never gain respect draining tax payer dollars on aggression and violent pursuits.

On the subject of terror – As stated earlier on this website, terrorism would collapse instantly upon terminating supply of weapons to terror factions together with ceasing funding to terror operatives that fosters terror. There is little or no desire to end these two means among promoters and profiteers of terror instrumental in proliferating terrorism.

Nuclear policy – The reluctance to lead the world in nuclear disarmament due to reservations from forces believing nuclear might as formidable defense is an illusion. Again, as explained earlier on the topic on this website, nuclear status is a dead weight on nuclear powers demanding extraordinary vigilance and financial investment in maintenance of nuclear site depriving other areas such as health care, education and infrastructure improvement in the national budget. The reality is people dying from preventable disease and lack of basic facilities is much higher and happening on daily basis among nuclear and non-nuclear states than the probability of nuclear attack. Yet nuclear ambitions and advancement exceed overall life requisites among nuclear states accelerating nuclear arms race.

The world cannot afford to wait for a particular time and place on denuclearization. Nuclear weapons are a menace and require safe disposal making the world a nuclear free zone. Hence, it is incumbent on all nuclear states to arrive at a consensus and expedite nuclear disarmament exempting none in the endeavor. The world leaderships in military, politics and civil society owe this responsibility to the present and future generation for safe and nuclear free existence.

Likewise, there is another cleaning up task pending world action. The land mines and improvised explosive device (IED) that are inflicting pain and permanent injury to largely poorer demography in countries that are designated eternal war precincts with weapons and explosives left behind in open field and abandoned in warehouse as witnessed in Africa, Afghanistan and Libya.

The addiction to foreign policy to suit core entities self and vested interests against United States and global benefits hurt America’s credibility in presiding over world disputes and discord.

The President speech also confirmed on Guantanamo Bay to remain open retaining status quo. The idea to house terror suspects most of whom are known to be falsely held in captivity denying them habeas corpus – the right to legal defense to prove their innocence emanated from the administration headed by then President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney and sources in power at that time. These members having been primarily responsible for allowing terror attack on 9/11/2001, they were never held accountable for dereliction of duty amounting to treason and violation of human rights in introducing torture and inhumane tactics on those in unlawful custody.

United States image could not be enhanced in skyscrapers and coast to coast high ways, bridges and monuments alone.  Any nations real progress is verifiable in the treatment of own citizens and those abroad with mutual respect, dignity and fairness without compromising on ethics and human value.

I reiterate that President Donald Trump led administration and the present Congress with members from both sides of the political aisle have potential to build America and enable American dream for all Americans leaving none behind barring prejudice in general and partisan politics in governance.

United States and the world moving forward in strengthening ties with neighbors in the region and across the frontiers treating each other as partners and not rivals extending economic, cultural, educational and social events is paramount for global peace, prosperity and security.

God bless humanity and environment.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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United Nations – Litmus Test

August 31, 2017

United Nations – Litmus Test

Padmini Arhant

The United Nations General Assembly scheduled on September 2nd assuming a new role in the event of UNSC dissolution is critical for the organization poised as an international body.

United Nations with 186 countries as members is headed by key powers nominating their representative as Secretary General rather than the position filled through election by member states considering the international forum expected to preside over global matter unlike the trend until now.

UN annual assembly featuring world leaders’ speeches on common issues besides relevant problems concerning them and their region is the standard format. However, the resolutions to crises are few and far between. Any attempts in this regard suffer setbacks due to obstacles from those against such measure.

The urgency to end conflicts in Syria, North Korea, Yemen, Iraq and Libya…lack political will and initiatives despite massive humanitarian toll, refugee crisis, health and environment hazard from terror sponsorship in Syria, Iraq and Libya while provocative military drills in Korean Peninsula inviting response from North Korean authority.

Not to mention starvation imposed through illegitimate sanctions affecting vast number in the country dealing with such irrational move.

The sources behind ongoing warfare and tensions declining to cease aggression towards nations targeted for economic interests and strategic dominance are primarily responsible for unwanted skirmishes and bloodshed in the regions undermining those nations sovereignty.

Any terms and conditions in disputes would normally apply to all sides for peaceful settlement. The party involved in incursions of a sovereign nation blaming the other and at the same time continuing with military exercise or backing terror outfits as the case may be rejecting international rules and civil engagement forfeit the right to objection to any response from the states bound by national defense.

The provocateurs unwillingness to refrain from activities whether military operations in Korean peninsula, illegal occupation and invasion in Afghanistan or terror manifestation in the Middle East exacerbate situations threatening world peace and security.

United Nations legitimacy is largely dependent on ability to function withstanding pressures, threats, incentives and influence having been the norm since inception to maintain international status quo. The UN concept as an international society is yet to be established with aspiring members unable to enroll and represent their cause and people oppressed by those exerting control over the organization.

Accordingly, United Nations effectiveness is based on implementing the following actions in the upcoming session.

Syria – Ending Syrian conflict with cessation of violence and terrorism. The states in opposition to peace and renouncing terror would clarify motives and inevitably deal with consequences like the ones experienced in the past and present.

Afghanistan – UN vote to end foreign occupation and complete withdrawal of U.S. and NATO troops including private contractors, intelligence agents and operatives from the war torn nation is imperative.

North Korea – The withdrawal of United States base in recognition of Korean nations sovereignty allowing dialogue and diplomacy between South and North Korea to take precedence is paramount to ease frictions in Korean Peninsula. Again, insisting on prolonging strains with military instructions and preparations would only result in defeat and unnecessary confrontation.

Yemen – United States, Israel and allies enabled Saudi intrusion in Yemen producing casualties and widespread disease like cholera could no longer be a Yemeni problem. The termination of bombing and shelling in the North African nation is an immediate requirement to let Yemen emerge from persistent decimation.

Palestine – United Nations General Assembly vote to bring Palestinian plight to conclusion by declaring Palestine statehood is pertinent not only for Palestinians in beleaguered Gaza, West Bank and Jerusalem i.e. occupied Palestine but also verify UN authenticity and effectiveness to act on long standing Middle East issue.

Tibet – Similarly the independence of the Himalayan nation from the People Republic of China annexation deserves attention and recognition of sovereign statehood in addition to membership as a separate country in the UN.

Taiwan – Independent status to be acknowledged as the Far East nation is a UN member.

Sri Lanka – The nation to offer equal rights barring segregation and disenfranchisement of Sri Lankan Tamils in the island nation. The other alternative is full autonomy to Tamil majority provinces to compensate for hard line government policy leading to human rights violation and denial of equal opportunity.

Myanmar – UN to vote on Rohingya Muslims citizenship rights as naturalized inhabitants of the country providing relief to Rohingyas abandoned by global community.

Kashmir – The entire population – both majority and minority rights, purging terror from across the border, demilitarization on both sides in India and Pakistan, independent investigations of abuse on all fronts, granting easy access without bureaucracy interference for citizens to travel for medical treatments and civilian government addressing the needs of all not just the preferred demography is to be promoted and executed to guarantee citizens safety and security in the valley.

Pakistan – Baluchistan and Sindh province grievances cannot be neglected as an internal affair with growing frustration among locals in these territories facing many difficulties jeopardize potential for peaceful coexistence in South Asia.

Likewise, the citizens in Africa, Latin America and indigenous groups subject to civil wars, foreign interventions disrupting political and economic stability and atrocities respectively are to be resolved in a fair and just manner to justify UN embodiment of peace and unity.

Failure in this respect would confirm United Nations power or the lack thereof and perhaps create the requisite for new global platform where all nations regardless of size and stature would contribute to the decision-making process on equal footing eliminating hierarchy.

Finally, the entities outrage at hate sentiments expressed in the organized rally in Charlottesville, Virginia is contradictory given their complacency and participation in genocide in the region and other parts of the world.

Hate and discriminatory practices against any not just the selective few must be condemned without reservations as that would exemplify genuine intolerance to prejudice prevalent towards race, religion, ethnicity, culture, socioeconomic and educational background.

Humanity served to benefit all is the path to sustainable peace and success.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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North Korea – United States Nuclear Threats

August 9, 2017

North Korea – United States Nuclear Threats

By Padmini Arhant

The latest exchanges and conflicting reports as well as positions from United States media and relevant departments are irresponsible and unnecessary.

North Korea on its part must exercise restraint from providing fodder to United States hawkish elements never content with miserable setbacks from perpetual wars including nuclear options against nations regarded eternal adversaries for profitability from wanton aggression.

The wars thus far beginning with Korean war, nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Vietnam war dragging neighbors in the region, wars in Africa, Latin America throughout twentieth century have been a colossal failure.

The tradition continued in the twenty first century invading Afghanistan transformed into permanent occupation in that country, Iraq under false pretext, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Ukraine, Sudan destroyed for strategic dominance and economic resources represent United States and allies’ belligerent legacy.

Again, all of these confrontations resulting in massive loss of lives, decimation of sovereign nations, bifurcation of nations, refugee crisis and depletion of economies including United States taxpayers footing lofty adventures proved counterproductive.

When will the hawkish factions and media drumroll that has enabled illegal military interventions pay attention to history and heed warnings on self-destructive course best abandoned allowing self and others to exist peacefully on this planet?

The ending of regimes would typically begin with those calling for such actions ignoring their own and allies’ provocative pejorative indulgence wherever possible.

Those who think they rein control on world destiny must recognize they are neither invincible nor immortal. The former has been adequately and explicitly demonstrated in the wars highlighted above. As for the latter, mortality being absolute certainty regardless of status and bellowing rancor, the destination following departure from the world must be of utmost concern to hell raisers on earth.

Whatever time left for all expended in protecting life, preserving the fragile habitat threatened with constant nuclear arsenal and promoting peace could alleviate the burden of accountability for those responsible for mayhem abusing the position of power and hegemonic disposition.

Let there be no delusions none can escape from settlement of karmic debts however the perception might be in this respect.

The deep state actors and players are indeed sinking in the deep swamp beyond hope for survival.

Something to think about prior to stirring the firestorm producing outcome to self-detriment.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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Bilderberg – Feudalism and Vassal Statehood

May 8, 2017

By Padmini Arhant

Bilderberg – Feudalism and Vassal Statehood

The organization that prides on elitism appropriately narcissism with an eye on global resources and wealth amassment from nations that are referred to as third world countries to maintain self-asserted first world category,

Bilderbergers philosophy is finance control that in return rein authority over politics, military, economy, media, entertainment and the rest fall in place.

Bilderberg members’ hypocrisy on all matter confirms the convenient rule – what is good for the goose is not good for the gander.

The presentation of facts on their adverse actions affecting billions of lives are characterized as rant, whining and hate speech while unabated subversion, perversion and distortion on their part in diverse format crossing the line on civility and decorum non-existent in hegemony culture deemed free speech.

Obsessed with spying, prying and snooping, Bilderbergers activities are conducted discreetly with clandestine meeting among chosen members plotting on world dominance and excavation of earth’s endowments besides exploiting global population for personal enrichment.

Classifying themselves as the ruling class, Bilderbergers parasitic existence predominantly premised on feudalism with nations worldwide targeted for subjugation and vassal statehood. The massive wealth possession largely seized by unscrupulous means and tactics lasting several generations never enough for them with quest to gain access to treasures regarded their exclusive right.

War is considered a profitable venture and accordingly direct countries investments in defense hardware and nuclear proliferation with little or no concern for other living beings on earth.

Bilderberg approval of political candidates to the highest office is necessary for them to continue with business as usual. The vetting process seek candidates’ with shady background and accepted favorable against clean record as that would pose conflict of interest in executing masonic orders.

There is also initiation ritual involved to test the mettle of their chosen candidate on mass killings authorizing cluster bombs, predator drones and missiles not excluding nuclear threats against nations earmarked for invasion and occupation.

Bilderberg policy is anti-sovereignty branding patriotism as nationalism with constitution considered a barrier in implementing goals to benefit them and long desired aspirations in altering geopolitical landscape.

They promote treason, corruption and carte blanche authority in the misuse of power in public office and private sector with guaranteed immunity for those in violations regardless of crimes against electorate and humanity at large.

The incentives are greater upon delivery exceeding expectations in mass murder and genocide. The accolades vary from Nobel Peace Prize to courage awards and lifetime protection against litigation.

Bilderberg strategy is military intervention that has now evolved from conventional warfare to sponsoring terrorism introduced in 2011 onwards denying nations under attack respite from violence and carnage. The developing nations are also used as testing grounds for defense stockpiles and bombs detonated ignoring sovereignty of those nations and impact on native population.

Yet another policy to curb economic freedom and development is sanctions against non-western nations crippling economy and forcing starvation, malnutrition and premature deaths from preventable disease due to lack of essential medicines and lifesaving items.

Bilderberg doctrine encompasses all political factions from conservative to liberal, centrist, left of center, right of center, independent, moderates and progressive with all of them sharing common objective to prolong status quo.

Election is a formality with voters voluntarily renouncing the right to dissent in the event of electoral outcome and social reform.  The zero tolerance to peaceful assembly and constructive criticism of the government and affiliates is demonstrated in handling of protesters in main street and derision via communication media.

At the same time, there are no reservations in authority containing meaningful analysis and exposure of problems within government that are invariably labeled security threat obviously to the forces behind the system.

The rare leaderships and government committed to alleviating people plight are removed from office by coup instigating political unrest to obstruct governance.

Alternatively, media, entertainment and educational institutions inundate audience and students respectively with material lacking in substance and loaded in fabrication.

The members of political establishment in lock step and barrel with globalists are honored and complimented for their compliance in undermining democracy and safeguarding decadence.

Bilderberg dominant with financiers viz. international bankers grip on national treasury tightened with private ownership under the guise of Federal institution.

The corporations’ objection to government regulations on environment, labor laws, consumer rights and fair trade practices are recognized as legitimate with removal or amendments to accommodate corporate demand.

Simultaneously, governance by corporations and super wealthy through campaign financing and lobbying to fix legislations to their advantage is never an issue for political members supposedly representing constituents and the nation.

International Affairs – In the previous century, the World War II with the rise of Germany and aftermath reminisced as tumultuous testing humanity endurance on aggression.  In the present time, the parallel government EU with Germany exerting authority and inclusion of Germany in the P5 +1 at UNSC suggests mutual appreciations with any past grievances disingenuous.

Irony being the hallmark in all their engagements, the current emphasis on European Union and euro remaining intact not necessarily applied to other parts of the world.

EU and allies’ role in fragmentation of the Middle East, meddling in Ukraine and NATO build up in central and eastern Europe, bifurcation of Sudan in 2012,

United States declining unification of Korea in the Korean Peninsula, Latin America suppressed from regional cooperation with western influence, South Asia pitted against each other with arms supply and terror manufacture to name a few amongst many wanton endeavors to disrupt peace and progress worldwide.

Again, the disposition contrast conduct whether it be Islamophobia, xenophobia, misogyny and hierarchy in society. They claim to be against discrimination.

However, the bombing and shelling of Islamic countries and recruiting terror operatives to continue the war on terror confining youths in Muslim countries and in the west to terrorism in addition to creating refugee crisis apparently viewed as noble deeds.

Similarly, the women representing them as world leaders adhere to policies exacerbating human suffering in imposing austerity, issuing nuclear warnings and spreading fear and prejudice within and outside their territory.  The paradoxical contribution from a woman not in their league is subject to ridicule and indignation conforming to misogyny.

Social inequality with people of color, different race and religion refused equal opportunity with superficial modifications and token appointments barely meeting the minimum requirement in addressing poverty and unemployment among minority and disenfranchised in society.

The ideology to dictate and dominate the world using brute force, terror, deception and propaganda evidently a failed and dysfunctional stratagem. Anything in disguise never last long with imminent conclusion as the show cannot go on forever.

Feudalism is primitive with greed sowing the seed for self-destruction and irreversible ramification.

Humanity deserves governance barring influence from secretive and delusional domain insensitive to reality.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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Spouse in Divine Mission



Vishwa Kalyan Award 2016 – Universal Benefit Award

August 23, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

Dear Citizens,

In 2015, Vishwa Kalyan Award was introduced to recognize and honor the unsung heroes alongside members known to world community. However, the mission not necessarily adapted and pursued for desirable outcome.

Every year on August 26th the awardees are commemorated for exemplary service and sacrifice.

The award is to create awareness among world population to appreciate, safeguard and contribute to the welfare and survival of all species for planet sustenance.

I present the categories for the year 2016 Vishwa Kalyan Award with the hope to revive interest and action in promoting goals to benefit humanity and earth. 

The two categories in 2016 are – Environment and Humanitarian Cause.

Environment protection is made possible with not only reducing carbon emission but also enrichment of natural habitat through greenery and preservation of rain forests worldwide.

In the environment category – The winners are:


  1. Ethiopia – The East African nation in the Horn of Africa is leading power generator in the region via clean energy program.

Latin America:

  1. Peru – The National Photovoltaic Household Electrification Program (SOLAR POWER) expected to benefit more than 2 million people in Peru.
  1. Costa Rica – 100% Renewal Energy with departure from fossil fuel. The Central American country generated electricity entirely from renewal energy – the combination of hydroelectric and geothermal power permitting clean and affordable energy supply in 2015. The national commitment towards 100% carbon neutrality by 2021 sets important precedence for the rest of the world to follow suit.
  1. BrazilKayapo – Indigenous Tribe in Amazon protecting rainforests against miners, poachers, loggers and drillers in the region.     

     5.   Protecting endangered species – 

 A.  Irrawathi dolphins of Myanmar in Mekong river are critically endangered from fisheries and entrapment threatening the intelligent creature’s domain.

B. Save the Elephants – Elephants – the most fascinating and adorable member of animal kingdom is sadly now enlisted in endangered species.

C. Marine Mammals – The dismissal of global warming as a myth among skeptics slight polar bears plight in the arctic with melting glaciers posing challenge to marine mammals existence.

More on this topic to follow shortly.

The Humanitarian award recipients will be announced in due course.

Peace to all!

Thank You.

Padmini Arhant 

Social Predicament – Misogynists Against Same Sex Marriage

August 9, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

The controversial theme brought to public attention for education and introspection obligatory in the process of evolution.

Incognito power and representatives paradoxical stance on all issues is well established with no recollection and realization of personal conduct due to preoccupation minding others life.

Recently the United States Supreme Court approved Same Sex Marriage bringing the states not in favor to conformity.

Although the action was politically motivated and not necessarily aimed at redressing inequality and ostracism,

The verdict is a victory in humanitarian context.

I present the facts for clarity.

As a woman and a mother, I regularly face condescendence and expected to contend with the notion that capability and independent thinking inconceivable for anyone isolated by those using various reservations as pretext for their prejudice.

There is constant reminder about the man’s world with no place for woman to lead and guide humanity.

The disposition emanates from lack of understanding and truth about womenfolk. There is also the element of negativities and insecurity subscribing to impropriety.

Concurrently there is no inhibition in plagiarism of my thoughts, words and identity that are declared as own for commercial and political gains much to inevitable karmic effects of such indulgence.

The divine status of woman in Hindu religion is slighted to maintain contemporary class of women as subordinate.

The present rulers and their proxies – women representatives follow instructions to the letter and delegated to tasks that defy characteristics like wisdom, vision, integrity, courage, care, compassion and patience to name a few in persona.

Alternatively contrived performance commonly witnessed during election campaign and term in office to prolong authority. Again anything unauthentic surface since falsehood continuity is not viable.

Importantly treatment of women at present is reminiscent of decadent era.

The persisting socio-economic disparity notably in wages and participation across the spectrum is anything but similar compared with male counterparts in many societies in the world.

The women plight range from abuse to denial of freedom and individual rights in developing nations and orthodox domain.

Likewise in the developed world women are projected and perceived as objects of voyeurism under socially advanced banner partly because of women willingness to compromise for fame and fortune.

A woman in pants and short hair adapting to man’s attire euphemistically regarded women liberation even when they are obedient servile functionary.  Not to mention the appearance alluding to transgender or transvestite perception.

Among mainstream, women are victims of social stigma in rape, infertility and economic conditions tied to dowry deaths in India.

The sexual assault and concept of rape driven to denigrate a woman even though that poorly reflect on offenders’ weakness to lust and behavior suggestive of deviation from human race.

The sharp rise in incidents of rape targeting any age group attributed to leniency and tolerance in the absence of effective laws and measures to curb violation.

The irony is prominent figures, lawmakers and police are often cited for philander, sexual harassment and rape miscalculating fanfare and citizens funded designation. The crimes escalate in the comfort of political immunity.

Instead of directing society to treat and respect others in congruence to anticipation by them, the campaign foster unruly demeanor in lock stock and barrel with influential forces misleading for destructive purpose.

The propagations about women by and large focus on body and physical features that are perishable upon soul exit from corporal state.

Interestingly mind and intelligence acknowledged as masculine trait rather than equal endowment in feminine quality.

How does society augur arrival of female child?

Female infanticide discarding fetus (foetus) misusing ultrasound and innovative technology and neonatal disposal are yet to be eliminated in entirety in India and alike.

China’s policy on population control introducing one child per couple led to orphanages inundated with female children.

In the Middle East live burial of women for breach of antiquated imposition show no sign of dissipation.

Stoning women as capital punishment is considered prerogative in rural parts of the world.

The women in Afghanistan and Pakistan endure dishonorable honor killings and a woman vying for high profile professions in Afghanistan politics or judiciary viz. supreme court justice instantly disqualified based on gender bias over merit.

Women are denied normal life and forced to undergo genital mutilation upholding archaic procedure in Africa.

Elsewhere different connotations to womanhood are worth mentioning for awareness.

I repeat the explanation I provided earlier that predisposes the opposite gender to male with unique interpretation in English language.

Wo(Man), Wo(Men), Fe(male), S(HE) – the reference to femininity in widely spoken English language generates impression of the species as hermaphrodite.

Nonetheless, the fe(male) leading the male in the lexicon cannot be ignored despite misogynistic practice.

The contention on Same Sex Marriage is related to opinion on marriage confining marriage sanctity to union of man and woman in matrimony as worldwide custom.

The trend deserves review with proper evaluation.

The marriage vows for most remain a ritual and not always fulfilled in a relationship contributing to alarming rise in divorce across the globe.

Notwithstanding pre-nuptial agreement to protect wealth is linked to mistrust and credibility factor in marriage.

The other aspects are infidelity with or without offspring in extramarital affairs and spousal dominance over another emerging as dysfunctional family situation.

The domestic violence cannot be ruled out and growing tensions become the basis for marriage dissolution.

Sometimes the extended family interference to break marriages is not uncommon.

In all these circumstances, the children pay enormous price and bear the brunt of marital disputes transformed into family feud destroying lives extending into next generation.

The marriage institution is distinctive depending on cultural background.

For instance, polygamy and divorce are acceptable in Muslim culture.

In fact those unable to marry involving bigamy due to certain religion or law bindings avail opportunity in Muslim convention through apostasy. The convenience at times allow apostate to betray original and adopted faith. 

There is sense of abandonment when women are subject to such customs in marriage.

The acceptance of women as equal is far from genuine in modern age.

To some degree women in different category exacerbate women problems as well with discrimination and indifference.

The woes on children born out of wedlock are significant. They suffer from social and economic setbacks in the absence of nucleus family. The impact is severe with teenage pregnancy.

The details mentioned above essentially describe inviolability or lack thereof in marriage.

In terms of religious opine on same sex issue – the scandals concerning parish boys and children in church are not resolved with secrecy evading transparency.

The gay definition varies in accordance with sparsely obtained data and misconstrued to suit customized view.

As for natural law on the Same Sex topic the delineation is profound in the prelude to procreation feasible only through male and female consummation.

The idea of marriage in gay community necessitated largely from legality to married status in general life decisions like property will and health matter.

Then there is also symbolic aspect seeking joy of celebration in rites comparable to a birthday event that cannot be claimed as specific segment exclusive right and deprive the rest from experience.

The clamor on Same Sex marriage alongside misgivings on woman’s inherent talent and knowledge confirms ignorance at best and hypocrisy at worst from the clueless clique.

The practitioners patronizing women and contemptuous to different lifestyle orientation in the backdrop of little known vast creations are confronted with social predicament as the world is not meant to be homogenous.

The woman is instrumental in facilitating life from conception to adulthood and relevantly in widespread fad for stem cell cloning the embryo development requires unfertilized egg and female surrogacy to enable birth.

Neglecting female excellence in diverse fields and critical role as a result, the marginalization of women in society is unprecedented and regrettably sustained to societal detriment.

Attempts to suppress reality increasingly expose nature’s indomitable composition refining rhythms appropriate for balancing act.

Civilization progress is a collaborative effort attained with mutual appreciation and gratitude.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant



































United States – White House Carbon Emissions Reduction Rule

August 4, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

President Barack Obama announcement on rule to curb green house gas pollution from power plants is a positive step and deserves national and international cooperation for formidable climate treaty.

The proposition targeting carbon emission from coal plants and automobile industry is one aspect of environment protection scheme.

However, environment hazards are multi-faceted and accordingly involve diverse industrial groups besides federal and state governments within nation.

United States energy consumption remaining significantly higher amongst industrialized nations, the variation in objectives and standard on containing and decreasing carbon emission across the country result in net negative trend and discrepancy in national tally in improving performance.

The plan encompassing basic formula applicable to all with necessary modifications depending on pollution output would be a viable option.

The White House anticipation in cutting carbon emission around 32% by 2030 alongside extending renewable energy from current 5% to 35% in that timeframe is feasible with efficient strategy across the spectrum for impact.

Unfortunately, the U.S. administration dual track in opposite directions confining specific fossil fuel division to environmental law while allowing access to oil companies for deep water drilling despite devastating experience creates huge credibility issue.

British Petroleum (BP) oil spill in Gulf of Mexico in 2010 continues to be major environment disaster.

Please double click and click again on the illustration to view content.

In the backdrop of environment catastrophe in continental shelf from offshore drillings, the Obama administration approval of Shell Corporation to drill in Arctic juxtaposed White House latest proposal on limiting carbon emission is a direct contradiction posing hindrance in environment goals.

The White House conflicting positions could deter potential achievements not only on lowering carbon emission but also in different areas related to environmental cause.

Furthermore, the existing environment conditions exacerbated from relentless warfare using artilleries, ammunitions, grenades, Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), landmines, chemical weapons against Syria, missiles in Yemen, Libya, nuclear component viz. depleted uranium in Iraq, white phosphorous in Gaza and drones in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Mali and Colombia…to name a few in contemporary practice.

The pragmatic approach to environment problems is to end conflicts in the Middle East, Central Asia, South East Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa and Latin America.

The death and destruction from conventional wars and terrorism has produced outbreaks of diseases controlled earlier spreading into neighboring parts of the region.

The warzones endure grave economic and environment woes with population facing serious health complications due to toxicity and contamination of water as well as air pollution from lethal weapons and terror operatives gross violations inflicting maximum damage.

United States led coalition funding and arming terror networks in Syria, Libya and Iraq contributing to massive casualties and bloodshed not to mention refugees in millions represent humanitarian and environment calamity.

Unless there is recognition to this effect amongst sponsors of terrorism and military interventions prompting them to ceasefire and permanent conclusion to wars, the measures towards environment programs would not have universal benefit.

Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa, Latin America and oppressed citizens worldwide forced into perpetual suffering depriving them from normal existence.

Planet preservation to sustain life is no longer a choice but necessity with departure from military aggression and terror infiltration to destabilize nations for dominance.

Above all nuclear disarmament of P5+1 and remaining nuclear states is paramount to guarantee global peace and security in the immediate term and future.

The architects and catalysts promoting wars and terrorism together with opponents to environment laws share responsibility in denying safe and healthy habitat to inhabitants of earth.

Safeguarding environment is a collective duty with individual participation making life possible on earth.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant











Europe – Padmini Arhant on Immigration Issue

June 15, 2015


Planet in Peril – Melting Glaciers. Padmini Arhant

By Padmini Arhant,

Dear Citizens,

I present my thoughts on Europe’s immigration issue.  Please click on the audio link for the content.

Thank you for your interest.

Padmini Arhant

World – Political And Electoral Reform 2015

May 27, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

The incognito power installs proxy governments to implement policies favorable to privileged class in global society.

New World Order with one world government emerged as United Nations Organization comprising unipolar system – UNSC with P5 + 1 exclusive club in possession of veto power.

UNSC target nations deemed adversaries for the members and their allies waging economic warfare via trade sanctions depriving people in Cuba and North Korea with basic food supplies and survival means until now.   The military invasion through conventional ground troops and air raids is another option. 

The recent activities in Yemen, Syria and Iraq, the drone attacks in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa and Latin America assert supremacy.

The latest strategy is sponsoring terrorism in Libya, Syria, Iraq and North, East, West and Central Africa.

Elsewhere false flag events staged to smear nations and oust governments perceived as obstruction to hegemony ambition such as in Ukraine and Thailand. The constant unrest created in Venezuela and neighboring states in South and Central America cannot be ignored.

The other New World Order prototype is European Union with euro currency in the euro zone. The results are evident in member states like Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Italy, Portugal…and Ireland.

New World Order directs loyalists in the so-called democracies and non-democratic states across the globe.

The subversion of democracy witnessed in elections held to legitimize illegitimate authority.

The elections claimed democratic is infiltrated with special interests funding. Then there are domestic and foreign bidders in political campaigns gaining priority on legislations and corporate influence on political body hailed economic milestones in the convoluted version.

Not to mention hegemony controlled social media, press and entertainment deployed in mind manipulation exemplifying distortion gone awry. The educational institutions are also used for this purpose.

New World Order (NWO) rule and aspirations are unsustainable considering the disastrous experience thus far.

The clean up actions are paramount to restore sanity, sensibility and responsibility facilitating new beginning.

The citizens’ plight as labor force, consumers, taxpayers and electorate could be alleviated in initiating fundamental change in politics with necessary applications in other domains.

Current political structure is premised on extraordinary power, hierarchy with agencies and bureaucracy as expansive government. There are archaic designations in certain so-called democracies maintained to prolong imperial era. The political representation designed to achieve hegemonic goals and preserve corruption culture.

In pseudo democracy projected as functioning republic viz. India and alike – hegemony choices are rewarded with not one but two key posts like defense and finance ministry despite losing election i.e. constituents rejected candidate in national election are appointed to important positions against people’s will.

The taxpayer money is wasted in political extravagance promoting self-image and profiteering from statewide canteens (cafeteria) driving restaurateurs out of business, the other extremes are building and unveiling personal statues not excluding auctions to trumpet political figures and upper echelons price tag.

While significant population nationwide is forced into abject poverty, hunger, disease, illiteracy and unemployment, the political fanfare at states and national level squandering citizens tax contributions is a routine affair.

Accordingly following recommendations are made to prevent abuse of power.

  1. Downsizing government along with extended affiliations to contain excess operational expenditure.
  1. The lavish accommodations, perks, benefits, vacations at taxpayers expense to public officials from top to bottom eliminated as austerity measure.
  1. Fiscal discipline on government limiting personnel or entourage accompanying political members within and outside the country. All costs to be accounted and audited by independent body and made available as public record.
  1. The enormous income derived in cash and kind as bribes on government contracts and favors due to powerful positions is not possible upon stripping discretionary rights in the decision-making process.
  1. Briefly, political evolution is required with emphasis on public service representing the people and not elements or agenda threatening sovereign status.

At present, the three branches of government – the executive, legislative and judiciary are reserved for the affluent and bourgeois in society with incentives ranging from luxury to immunity on crimes not barring treason.

Notwithstanding the eligibility criteria – complicity to foreign run enterprise.

Hence, there is no desire to perform national duty and fulfill constitutional oath to serve constituency and country.

Removing opulence and entitlements from political career would then make selfless motives the reason for joining politics and appealing to genuinely committed citizens to come forward in serving community, nation and humanity at large.

In the absence of political and electoral reform, the electoral mandate obtained by deception would continue to be misused with no end in sight in human suffering.

Darkness is dispelled with light and rising to the occasion would demonstrate the populace might.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant




Global Events – Synopsis 2015

March 20, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

The global events marked by mayhem, misery and melancholy is representative of those in power i.e. incognito rule and proxy governments together with servile contingency ever remaining at disposal for self-destructive cause.

The agents spreading viciousness misuse communication outlets including parliament floor and entertainment format. Sadly they do not realize their venom consuming them conforming to reaping what one sow in life.

These negative developments aimed at self-interests reflect on the rulers and operatives declining status and confirm the demise of deceptive regimes and cohorts in the suicide mission.

1. Middle East – The manufactured terror used as pretext to destabilize nations is a classic example of the blank misleading the belligerence to precipice.

The self-ruinous venture is costing them and allies in economic, political and strategic terms with severe damages to the point of no return. 

Those behind continuous death and decimation of innocent lives care less about consequences and defiance is mistaken for strength in the face of internal decay and inevitable dissipation. 

Hegemony and coalition intervention through terrorism in Syria, Iraq and Libya is evidently counterproductive.

Interestingly subsequent involvement claimed as necessary to curb their own terror networks such as ISIS and ISIL…despite having them on taxpayer funded payroll.

Lebanon and Palestine under constant attacks from Israel justified in the name of Israel’s security. 

The kingdoms, fiefdoms and hegemony loyalists facilitating carnage by funding, training and recruitment of terror groups ignore blowback experienced from terror instigation.

Iran and P5+1 endless nuclear talks under estimates human intelligence wasting citizens tax contributions for purpose other than nuclear issue to deflect public attention from domestic and international crises.

The redundant exercise poses credibility factor for major nuclear states continuing proliferation with nuclear testing and enhancements unheeding global concern.

Any seriousness on nuclear matter would be exemplified in self-disarmament. The action would then qualify them to seek others to follow precedence.

Furthermore, Iran’s closer ties with hegemony shared in duplicity and scripted performance clarifies futile attempts to void contemporary phenomenon and original identity.

2. Africa – Hegemony goals are clear in militarization of this continent for unfettered access to resources and permanent colonization leading to prolonged subjugation in the twenty first century.

Abject poverty, hunger and disease affecting millions are hegemony legacy.

3. Asia :

Asia Pacific – Occupation of nations with military bases and provocation in Korean peninsula is tip of the iceberg in the policy fostering rivalry over rapprochement.

Additionally removing governments and leaderships regarded obstacles to hegemonic ambitions is the tradition.

The mysterious disappearance of Malaysian commercial airlines, installing militia rule in Thailand, forging relations with authoritarian system in Singapore and fomenting controversy in Indonesia are few of the many indulgence in that part of the world.

Central Asia – Afghanistan and neighboring countries are essentially declared imperial bastions again for natural endowments and strategic presence. 

South Asia – The dominion republics compliance with hegemony instructions on nuclear expansion and divestments in defense contracts override importance to environment and economy notwithstanding the infrastructure. 

The agriculture land is industrialized and privatized to satisfy political campaign donors’ demands leaving the farmers with no choice but accept conditions in the land deal.

As a result, national dependency on import elevating food prices or inflation due to crop production shifting from self-sufficiency to inadequacy is apparently irrelevant. 

On transparency and democratic value – The ordinary citizens beguiled with hegemony nominees landslide victory in the state and national elections in the so-called democracy.  The electoral process marred with voting irregularities and corruption not excluding massive cash infusion in political campaigns enables shadow governance.

4. Latin America – Hegemony interference in this region is well known and persists until now. The nations are routinely targeted stifling democracy.  Any government pledging to national progress is promptly displaced with anti-democratic rule.

5. North America: 

United States – United States tax dollars squandered in pretentious squabbles to maintain dysfunctional governance. While there are numerous problems confronting the nation, the lawmakers diligently oblige covert execution diverting time and money on extraneous affairs.

The social injustice conspicuous with demographic isolation and marginalization of Native Americans, African Americans, Muslims, Undocumented workers, immigrants from certain ethnic background as well as women in lower economic strata.

Guantanamo Bay and secret prisons with torture chambers cannot possibly be a national pride.

Canada – The indigenous citizens plight slighted regardless of law enforcement agency excess use of force and neglect in some instances constituting abuse. Hegemony influence on political, economic and other areas attribute vassal statehood.

Mexico – The national dilemmas are combating corruption and drug cartels with weapons influx from United States initiated in the fast and furious program. The experiment premised on arbitrary arms sales reaching nefarious elements had no prohibitive measures exacerbating safety and security of the country.

Yet another challenge is preserving national assets viz. petroleum and precious metals from oligarchy acquisition.

6. Europe – Austerity, staged unrest and volatility is the trend to stymie economic growth and political stability.

EU creation primarily expended in debilitating member states within Union with egregious economic policies largely favoring selective groups and entities at local population expense.

EU and United States intrusion in Ukraine promotes disintegration and territorial annexation besides NATO extension burdening the region with military expenditure rather than investments in the economy.

Hegemony hallmark is false flag incidents in resistance to peace and harmony with preference for eternal discord in community.  The turmoil then used as the reason for military aggression or drone authorization to curtail violence.

Environment protection is on the reverse with funding slashed in the national budget for political driven appropriations. 

Human rights violations peaks defining human character or the lack thereof with no recognition for life and individual respect. 

The discriminatory practice based on various orientations propagated to polarize society for political and personal gains not taking into account irreversible ramifications on the source and catalysts. 

To summarize status quothe situation mirror dissolution emanating from incorrigible disposition expediting decadent era conclusion.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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