Syria – Non-Aligned Meeting in Tehran and UN Conference on Humanitarian Aid

September 1, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Iran hosted Non-Aligned Meeting this week in Tehran to discuss Syrian conflict among other issues related to regional security.

The foreign ministers and some heads of state attending the summit shared rational approach i.e. rejecting military intervention, terminating violence only possible upon ceasing funding and arming terror groups, facilitate humanitarian relief to the wounded and survivors in the armed confrontation.

Since western power and Gulf allies responsible for prolonging warfare despite them fighting loosing battle,

Their reluctance to ceasefire has claimed many innocent lives in the relentless attacks against Syrian sovereignty.

Sadly, the nations behind horrific crimes against civilians in Syria are driven by unattainable egocentric goals not to mention the respective hard earned taxpayer funds squandered in illusive mission.

Human actions are erroneous and self-detrimental in the failure to heed warnings and accept reality.

Foreign intervention in Syria had nothing to do with democracy or Syrian cause instead the deadly venture was to gain geopolitical advantage in the region.

The invasion having produced immense bloodshed, the west and Arab alliance required to withdraw terror groups and end the war.

Such recognition would exemplify aggressors commitment or the lack there of to alleviate human suffering attributed to provocative occupation on foreign soil.

Syrians deserve to recover from overseas terror and rebuild their nation with dignity and right to self-determination.

Declining to ease tensions and escalating killings not only exacerbate Syrian plight but also isolate perpetrators with catastrophic return.

Evidently more nations are cognizant of western and partners true motives behind Syrian economic sanctions, proxy wars and unscrupulous tactics under false pretext to promote democracy – in disguise or non-existent in their country of origin considering political system allegiance to hegemony.

International support for Syrian initiated political dialogue and resolution in the absence of foreign intrusion is a positive outcome.

Tehran sponsored NAM reinforced the message in this context and those favoring peaceful and non-violent course are on the right side of history besides averting global disaster.

The forces on the ground representing external powers exiting Syrian territory now could perhaps minimize reciprocal effects already in progress through diverse means yet to be acknowledged due to distraction in chasing a dream never to be realized at any cost.

Contrarily, France proposed UN conference also held this week to explore options for further infiltration via humanitarian operations mimicking Libya clarified distinctive agenda from the nations opposed to military options through NATO or current mercenary and militia engagement.

Western and Gulf concern about Syrian population on humanitarian grounds at the UN gathering could be genuine had they not been the persistent source in continuation of mayhem and massacre.

Nonetheless, the opportunity still available to them to deviate from the chartered destination renouncing hostility and adopting hospitality to demonstrate sincere care and compassion for Syrian people in the embattled state.

Deeds reflect thoughts without the need for repetitive exercise like UN sessions merely to forge negative directives misusing the organization for disingenuous and misguided purpose.

The prominent UN members abiding by Geneva accord,

Extending UN supervision mission in Syria (UNSMIS) as diplomacy catalyst,

Refraining from and revoking economic including other blockade against war victims,

Abandoning communication outlets sabotage viz. using explosives on television, radio and satellite facilities not barring kidnapping and murder of journalists as well as key press corps personalities for objectivity and non-complacency and above all,

Adherence to international law and respect for sovereign status on Syria would signify authenticity in rescue plan and Samaritan virtues towards all Syrians unlike selective demography.

Time and tide wait for none in natural events.

Hence expediting conclusion of warfare in Syria allowing pragmatism and rationality to prevail would significantly benefit all in righteous disillusionment.

With deep appreciation for Iran summit on Syrian crisis and UN forum remaining restricted to humanitarian focus,

Best Wishes to Syrian citizens, government and political leadership for dawn of peace and new beginning filled with optimism and prosperity.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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