Syria – UN Backed Military Monitors and Troop Deployment

April 14, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Since Syrian fragile ceasefire in the last forty-eight hours, the UN plan to deploy 30 unarmed military observers and according to reports UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan’s spokesman Ahmad Fawzi press statement confirmed –

“UN backed mission would have about 200-250 observers and that nations were being asked to contribute soldiers.”

Furthermore UNSC chamber closed door briefing and UN emissary Kofi Annan assessment of Syrian situation in Syria’s UN ambassador Bashar Ja’afari’s absence poses credibility factor considering,

The exclusive sessions lacking in transparency – characteristic of global powers prerogative in display disregarding negative impact on concerned member nations portends peace disruption rather than establishment.

The globalists’ news agencies disclaimer citing unverifiable and unconfirmed reports as well as images alluding to post ceasefire violence eruption and military armored vehicle in cities and towns adds to the intentional confusion amid peace process.

Despite rational requests from other UNSC members to curtail demonstrations allowing peace to prevail,

The western allies Arab League coerced protest asserting to test Syrian authority tolerance with the report claiming three protesters were killed and several injured on Friday, April 13, 2012 – suggestive of external forces vehement opposition to their own so-called peace treaty.

Given the trajectory peace is antithetical to war mongering nations pledged to death and destruction promoting defense industry and crude oil stocks at innocent lives expense tragically underestimating the backlash in accordance with natural law –

What goes around comes around.

Syrian government persistence in maintaining ceasefire including troops and military weapons withdrawal is necessary to resume humanitarian relief alongside peace talks with citizens in Syria.

Perhaps the people in Syria could reject foreign fighters false representation and nations exploiting Syrian political uprising for strategic gains against Iran.

UN current undertaking to send military monitors albeit unarmed combined with troop deployment is not a peace mission instead indicative of foreign invasion under disingenuous pretext,

Not to mention the UN peacekeeping forces track record in civil wars in Africa – DPR (The Democratic Republic of Congo) in particular.

Apparently war is the preferred choice and all efforts are poised at provocation than revocation conforming to selective self-detrimental agenda.

UN involvement in Syria would be legitimate upon refraining from aimed attacks and rhetoric against one side while choosing to remain oblivious to other side that is funding, arming and fueling the conflict.

Syria, Iran or any other Islamic and non-Islamic nations could no longer be experimental battlegrounds to military industrial complex engaged in testing innovative artillery and exhausting ammunition inventory for replenishment.

The political leaderships promoting arms sales to boost domestic dire economy neglecting life saving over mass killings exacerbate their population and war victims plight in the much-touted globalization with intertwined economic activities having ripple effects when inflicting pain and suffering against one nation for others short term advantage.

Syria is a litmus test for United States and allies to exemplify sincere commitment to peace and political stability in the war fatigued Middle East with citizens desperately seeking end to foreign intervention via military aggression and economic sanctions – the two potent arsenals at UNSC disposal to subjugate nations regarded adversaries for vested interests.

Both options hurt the population than the intended target.

Meanwhile, Syrian authorities are urged not to provide any opportunity to local or foreign agents in derailing peace and political dialogue with civil society.

Syrian government responsibility extended beyond national security in protecting civilians from any harm would alleviate tensions and address skepticisms on leaderships’ role in prioritizing public safety amongst impartial minds at UNSC and international community at large.

UN peace mission devoid of military ambit alternatively independent international committee unaffiliated to globalists’ auspice would be the only sustainable action in terminating intrusions hostile to Syrian peace and political progress.

Needlessly repeating mistakes and fundamentally flawed strategies to attain individual goals is celebrating failures many times over notwithstanding emblematic erroneous decisions expediting inevitable disaster.

Syrian solidarity could contribute to prolonging truce and initiating peaceful negotiations between government and citizenry like exhibited in referendum for constitutional reform.

There is tremendous potential in Syrian society to amicably resolve the year old crisis and with government unequivocal submission to non-violence and peaceful means,

The outside elements stirring confrontation could be easily eliminated directing focus on delivering political changes to people satisfaction.

Finally, UN assignment limited to peaceful oversight i.e. non-militaristic in any shape or form and humanitarian aid would be honorable for the international organization under scrutiny to prove reliability in rising to the occasion.

With Syrian peace in thoughts and prayers,

Good Luck to Syrian people and the government in adhering to ceasefire and adopting holistic approach to democratic transition.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant






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