Russia – President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev Resume Office

May 10, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Congratulations! To President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev upon being democratically elected and approved by Parliament respectively to serve six year term in office.

President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev – the dynamic duo are no strangers to Russia and international community.

Russia re-emerged multi-dimensionally as a growing economy shaping democracy in the culturally diverse vast nation under Putin-Medvedev diligent leadership demonstrating resolve, performance with results and patience in systematic resurrection of political and economic strength against challenges at home and abroad.

Following Soviet Union collapse, Russia was debilitated becoming the ultimate target for global conglomerate to access substantial resources especially natural gas with Russia being the world’s largest producer and second oil exporter next to Saudi Arabia.

President Putin rise to power regarded ominous among globalists eyeing on Russia preceded by China in the woeful global dominance doomed to be a colossal failure.

On the economic standpoint, President Putin and Prime Minister Medvedev policies in streamlining taxation and job-oriented investments reversed declining position to emulous status with Russia as member of G-20 and equally prominent BRICS contributor consistently producing positive returns evident in the middle class expansion and impressive GDP to debt ratio elevating Russia’s credit profile compared to deficit ridden G-8 counterparts struggling to fund federal budget for government existence.

President Putin plan to crackdown corruption in public and private sector would improve efficiency in business operation and eliminating bureaucracy clears impediments for investors in the competitive global economy.

Besides wealth recovery from tax evasions boost federal reserves enabling government projects related to infrastructure, alleviating poverty and programs in national interest.

Political reforms – President Putin maintained campaign promise on free and fair elections with very few irregularities reported in the recent polls.

The President assurance to investigate the errors is noteworthy and inviting political factions across the spectrum to participate in the electoral process with registration – a preliminary step towards functional democracy.

However, the western powers criticism against President Putin is access denial to top job in the country.

Russia has been through tremendous turbulence and continually tested for formidability by imperialistic aspirants currently on the back foot realizing the ramifications of far fetched agenda backfiring at them in national elections with their representatives paying political price despite financial backing, marketing and promotion under the guise of democracy.

The opposition in Russia regardless of political ideology was lacking in solutions to domestic and global problems when requested by then Prime Minister Putin to come forward with election manifesto precisely addressing issues confronting the biggest nation on earth.

Competing for the highest office without knowing the direction country will be led is dangerous considering the external threat and prevalent predatory trend exploiting power vacuum from clueless and weak national leadership easily hamstrung and manipulated or even worse in cohort with elements endangering life and sovereignty would be treason in disguise.

The candidates resume with or without executive experience alone inadequate to govern nations in the world riddled with turmoil and complexities demanding ingenuity, integrity, versatility, courage, compassion, patriotism, pragmatism and spontaneity – qualities not necessarily acquired but inherent in extraordinary leaderships nowadays more significant than ever.

Western powers disenchantment with Russian electorates overwhelming choice i.e. 64% in the most transparent electoral victory only confirms the persistent bias and credibility factor given the trajectory of their alliances and discord towards people’s decision thus far.

The habitual rejection of popular mandate witnessed earlier in Iran with Prime Minister Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh then lately in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Haiti involving President Jean-Bertrand Aristride and throughout Latin America…installing their nominees clarifies western powers authenticity and respect or the lack thereof for real democracy.

On national security – the contentious anti-missile defense (AMD) system directed at Russia under Eastern Europe protection pretext and deterrence against Iran arguably provocative and unwanted controversy that could be resolved with mutual understanding to redress genuine concerns over any pre-emptive strikes in the north and south western borders of Russia.

United States and NATO downplaying the symptomatic risks alongside missile testing in Hawaii contradictory to START treaty ratification triggering nuclear armament rather than disarmament course.

Notwithstanding lofty rhetoric combined with economic sanctions against North Korea and Iran while violating international law on ballistic missiles seriously jeopardize U.S. as well as NATO legitimacy and commitment in containing nuclear arms race.

United States reluctance to provide written guarantee that no harm intended at Russia in bilateral agreement over AMD again reveals double standards in this context with Iran.

Although Iran as NPT (Nuclear Non- Proliferation Treaty) signatory allowed IAEA and UN inspection apart from cooperation in holding talks with EU last month and agreed to further dialogue on this matter,

United States rigorous campaigns on oil embargo against Iran with warnings such as comply or face consequences issued to nations irrespective of dire energy needs is counterproductive and hypocritical of epic proportion.

U.S. and allies recognition of geopolitical paradigm shift and economic realities would perhaps be conducive for crises resolution and benefit all.

Otherwise the younger generation expected to be tomorrow’s leaders in the rest of the world might simply not accept obsolete hierarchical feudalism set in medieval era.

Russia is on the progressive trail with steady transformation in political, economic and social platform learning from past mistakes like excess military spending in an effort to counteract existential western gimmicks – the ploy to derail economic growth that diminished Russia’s stature in spite of defense compatibility precipitating former Soviet Union disintegration.

Weapon modernization and advanced technology is essential,

Nonetheless prudence required in disproportionate budget allocation prioritizing sustainable prosperous economy, political stability and social equality preventing internal unrest.

United States alarming defense expenditure hurt vast majority depriving them basic lifestyle with cuts aimed at programs like retirement savings, health, education and environment.

Investments in economy resilient to volatility balanced with fiscal management would facilitate reliable productivity, capital infusion and constant employment generating surplus income.

Foreign Policy – Russia’s rational approach supporting peace and diplomacy in Syria and Iran is commendable.

As UN Security Council member – Russia could be a stalwart on Palestinian statehood with full UN membership at the general assembly.

On the UN Security Council Membership – In accordance with twenty first century socio-economic and political developments depicting marked demographic changes –

P15 substituting P5+1 barring political clout to garner votes would deliver general consensus reflecting fairness in applying universal standard on humanitarian issues and international affairs for common good.

Similarly G-20 replacing G-8 economic summits would be effective in strategizing remedies to downturns in global economy and financial market.

The contemporary two tier functionality is confusing rendering proposals from either groups redundant in the absence of solidarity.

Russia endowed with fossil fuel and nuclear energy could begin divestments in clean natural source for domestic consumption and worldwide distribution to attain 1.5°C or 350ppm – the optimum setting for planet sustenance.

Citizens in Russia entrusted power in mature, confident and competent leaderships of President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev for prolonged success and great vision gradually coming into fruition overcoming obstacles on the path to glory.

Good Luck to Russian democracy and the architects proudly represented by President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev with a promising future.

Best Wishes to Russia with cornucopia of peace and fortune.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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