Myanmar – Landslide Victory for NLD in by-elections

April 3, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Heartfelt Congratulations! To citizens of Myanmar, National League for Democracy and leadership Aung San Suu Kyi on the landslide victory in by-elections paving way for democracy currently as strong and legitimate opposition soon evolving into republic ruling power at the center.

Myanmar has long been denied political freedom and fundamental rights to elect genuine representation committed to public and national interest.

After great sacrifices and struggles over decades, the ray of hope emerging through NLD under internationally renowned leadership of Aung San Suu Suki guarantees optimism for the South East Asian nation.

Myanmar President Thein Sein and military junta recognition of the electoral mandate is welcome more so on the political reforms exemplified in holding by-elections – the preliminary step towards democracy with anticipated rapid development on the horizon.

The conciliatory response to people’s democratic aspirations is a positive sign and maintaining the inclusive policy for equal and fair political opportunity to all regardless of demographic strength would broaden national prospects across the spectrum.

Political system receptive to democracy eliminating military governance from civilian rule is crucial for true democratic functionality beginning with constitutional amendment in this regard and civil liberty to pledge irreversible status.

Military confined to safeguarding security in the national frontiers rather than involvement in Parliamentary affair is best suited enhancing the institution’s unique responsibility and disciplinary character that could bring forth the defense academy respect and appreciation for democracy.

The election outcome favoring NLD is an affirmation for sea change in political landscape imperative for nation building and economic revival.

Military representatives amid civilian elected legislators arguably form the basis for domestic and international concerns delaying democratic process into fruition.

The military intervention in politics threatens democracy subjugating population despite opposition bipartisanship on some legislative issues creating a false perception of public acceptance amongst army hierarchy not necessarily synchronized with reality.

Myanmar government preparation to move forward with other political reforms focused on peace and reconciliation with ethnic groups would be an important milestone and a paradigm shift from the contemporary trend using military might and brutal force.

Similarly in dealing with secessionism largely arising from disenfranchisement, gross economic and social inequality marred with violence often leads to fierce confrontation ultimately resulting in civil war.

The armed conflict aimed at right to self-determination and federalism confronted with the dilemma of ceasefire or political negotiations between government and opposing factions could not be addressed without mutual agreement to end fighting and,

Meanwhile organizing peace talks for amicable resolutions on all relevant matter would expedite desperately required humanitarian relief to victims caught in crossfire.

The government procrastination or rebels default could jeopardize the fragile initiatives and keeping promises is incumbent upon on all sides to arrive at a general consensus for national benefit.

Myanmar’s request to international community especially the United States to lift economic sanctions in consideration of latest political progress with more in the immediate future is reasonable and highlights the impending actions for comprehensive political transformation required ahead of national elections in 2015.

Trade embargo invariably hurts the people more than the intended target and precipitates economic decline for the country barely surviving in the volatile global economy.

Regional cooperation could perhaps ease the burden with exchange of goods and services strengthening partnerships through exports and imports complementing the balance of trade.

Myanmar has great potential to compete effectively in the global environment provided there is political will to abandon obsolete measures to curb dissent along with divestments from military spending to economic goals.

In acknowledgment of peace and diplomacy combined with by and large free and fair elections that delivered 40 out of 45 Parliamentary seats to NLD,

The status quo confirms the present government’s willingness to accept republic governance conforming to twenty first century timeline bracing the momentum for better economic standards, political liberation and social justice.

On that sanguine note, wishing the people of Myanmar and leaderships tremendous success in all endeavors dedicated to entire society and nation at large.

Peace, republican democracy and prosperity in abundance to Myanmar.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant















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