Middle East – Democracy and Peace

February 17, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Middle East endowed with oil reserves is traditionally a magnum prize for energy dependent industrialized western economy.

The political instability continued through millennium is conducive for defense industry supplying arms to authoritarian regimes and opposition groups rising against the government.

Syria – The current violence specifically in Homs, Hama and earlier in Damascus spreading across the country having claimed many lives on all sides i.e. civilians, government security personnel and opposition is a matter of grave concern.

The peaceful protest transformation into armed conflict is no surprise considering Libyan precedence with foreign intervention and alleged Al Qaeda induction to the kafuffle.

UNSC resolution on No Fly zone in Libya misused by U.S. and NATO predominantly responsible for widespread destruction and casualties is unfolding in Syria without UNSC authorization.

The ammunition influx to rebels is creating disorder and confusion in delineating perpetrators from peaceful demonstrators and government forces in the crossfire.

It is a deliberate act on behalf of those determined to lead the state into civil war.

Furthermore, the genuine opposition i.e. Syrian society’s secular social democratic group willingness to commence peace talks with government is deterred due to persistent violence on the ground.

Arab league proposal for joint UN peace keeping force to monitor situation in Syria while Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE…in particular contributing to mayhem promoting individual as well as western powers agenda adds to the complexity.

The three major protagonists in Syrian political turmoil Western powers, Arab league and Syrian government immediate ceasefire is imperative to initiate communication between civilian representatives viz. unarmed peace activists and incumbent administration.

Western intelligence infiltration via armed militia repeating Libyan scenario combined with Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and UAE collusion is arguably a hindrance in peace mediation necessary to contain bloodshed.

The regime change fervor among western principals leading Arab league behind the scenes prevents peaceful transfer of power from the ruling party to viable opposition.

Foreign interference in Syria, Iran and throughout Middle East to accomplish specific objective – warfare for global dominance is self-endangerment with paradox transcending reason.

President Bashar Al Assad recent overture for constitutional reform ending one party rule and limiting governance terms is a positive step towards political change.

Simultaneously holding peace talks with civil society members would possibly dispel lingering mistrust and apprehension attributed to undemocratic measures and foreign instigation.

Syrian civilian population could pursue political goal by rejecting sources behind divisive policy aimed at regional destabilization.

Driving foreign elements from Syria is pertinent and importantly government sincere compliance to citizens’ call for secular democratic system would guarantee peace and political stability.

Unified Syria could avert threats from within and outside.

The leaderships in the government specifically President Bashar Al Assad, military and opposition factions alike are urged to prioritize protecting civilian from any harm and expedite peace negotiations to resolve the year old unrest.

Lebanon – In 2010, the democratically elected government was toppled with U.S. coup d’état at Israel’s behest weakening Hezbollah political status in Lebanese Parliament.

The political commotion caused economic downturn in the nation with impressive growth after Israeli bombings in 2006.

Iran – The main target for western ideology to establish ‘world order under global governance’ is currently in full swing with provocative economic sanctions such as oil embargo and freezing financial operations for potential global confrontation not barring nuclear exchange.

The western powers – Israel, United States, United Kingdom, France… and EU strategy against Iran is misguided with serious ramifications upon pre-emptive strikes or efforts to generate aggression from the region.

Iran in return adjusting to western economic constrictions adopting oil exports ban to six EU members with decision to implement after winter in consideration for the people is understandable and,

Perhaps extending the gesture beyond cold weather on humanitarian ground would highlight the distinction in international relations.

The latest incidents in India, Georgia, Thailand…against Israel is unfortunate and terrorism for any purpose is reprehensible.

Thorough investigation could lead to perpetrators behind these attacks especially those at the top taking undue advantage of recruits’ vulnerabilities to carry out bomb blasts affecting innocent lives in the pre-meditated plan.

Any terror plots on foreign soil mimicking 9/11 is a huge setback for democracy given the easy access for unscrupulous elements to uninhibitedly operate undermining national sovereignty of the chosen domain.

The U.S. fleet avant-garde in Persian Gulf stoking tension in the volatile region is cataclysmic for humanity at large and best abandoned to save lives than otherwise.

Besides the incursion is a tremendous financial liability for U.S. taxpayers and coalition struggling to survive the debt burdened economy.

Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili formal request to EU foreign Secretary Catherine Ashton for talks on contentious nuclear issue is a peaceful approach to defuse the brewing storm in Middle East.

However, EU rejection to hold meeting criticizing Iran’s offer as stall tactics is extemporaneous giving up the opportunity for diplomacy to prevail over military option.

United States, United Kingdom, France and EU could exemplify democratic values in dealing with Iran and entire Middle East without maintaining double standards in the choice between ally and adversary.

Iran as Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty member admittedly has responsibilities and cooperation thus far with IAEA and UN inspection is praiseworthy.

Nonetheless, transparency in the alleged nuclear activity in central Iran viz.Natanz would clarify doubts eliminating pretexts to launch missiles against the facility.

Iran’s proactive measures in clearing skepticisms on uranium enrichment would categorically elevate the position as a reliable non-nuclear state enhancing credibility through accountability.

Similarly western powers allowing international agency verification of Iran’s nuclear status apart from participation in meaningful dialogue with Iran would reduce undercurrents in the nuclear standoff.

Bahrain – The pro-democracy anniversary this week was once again marred with violent crackdown reminiscent of last year dispersion.

U.S. prodded Saudi troops were responsible for killing peaceful protesters defying international law on human rights binding every nation on earth.

The government functioning as a constitutional monarch – minority ruling the majority is western powers’ key ally and never in short supply of ammunitions to quell non-violent dissent.

Only this time around – the arms made in ‘Britain’ and the infamous London riot Scotland Yard ex-police chief expertise apparently guided brutality against civilians in the capital Manama.

Saudi Arabia direct authority over Bahrain and rest of Middle East is evident in the election of fundamentalists to power witnessed in Egypt and across the region.

Muslim Brotherhood alliance with Islamic conservative party under hardline military rule reins control over citizens yearning for secular democracy.

Likewise dismantling regimes in Syria and Iran – viewed the arch nemesis by Saudi Arabia and western powers,

The civilization landscape rich in religious and cultural diversity is morphed into homogenous demography subservient to feudalist dynastic rule.

Saudi Arabia – Western powers financier and military hardware buyer consuming bulk of modern weaponry from the west to suppress barely 28 million population with disproportionate gender ratio 54.3% male and 45.7% female per government statistics is also the caretaker of Islam’s holiest shrine in Mecca.

Not to mention the kingdom’s prominence for being the number one oil producer provides substantial clout attracting western leaderships with a symbolic bow – a greeting ritual in utmost respect for the liquid gold in Saudi dynasty’s possession.

Saudi Arabia rulers following Wahhabism favor Sunnis in the Arab world and across the globe.

The Royal family hostility and slight for Islam’s yet another devout sect – Shiite Muslims is the compounding factor in regional dominance.

Shiites reciprocation accordingly facilitates rift routinely exploited for imperialist ambition.

United Middle East would be a formidable challenge to invasion and occupation notwithstanding Palestinian statehood as part of two state solutions with Israel no longer a myth but a reality.

The acrimony among Muslims ignores the fundamental truth about Islam.

The religion’s unanimity is found in the fabrics common thread inter woven and admirably displayed during the holy month of Ramadan when Almighty God Allah worshippers aspiring Haaj in their lifetime congregate in the holy city Mecca.

Saudi Arabia leaderships have regrettably subverted Islamic faith in the oppression of citizens to prolong hierarchical society denying basic rights and political freedom.

Sadly, Iran in the proclamation as Islamic Republic espousing theocratic rule is no different from Saudi Arabia in human rights violation and depriving political independence.

Iran and Saudi Arabia respective religious disposition is contradictory to Islamic principles of peace and equality.

Religion is a path to spiritual enlightenment with a strong emphasis on universal love, respect and compassion for all beings as Supreme energy manifestation.

In defining life purpose, religion infuses deeper understanding of the self to identify with origin based on emergence, divergence and convergence.

Therefore, religion used as political tool to humanity’s detriment is sacrilege in the highest order.

Saudi Arabia and Iran could come together instead of against each other in preserving religious sanctity and contribute to human progress.

Kuwait – Western powers strategic partner with United States enlarged presence in the Gulf state is equally influenced by Saudi Arabia and Qatar…in prohibiting fairness in society.

The Gulf nation’s new government reportedly has no women cabinet members to run political affairs or legislators in the assembly.

Report also mentions the administration comprising Prime Minister Sheik Jaber Al Hamad Al Sabah and other cabinet appointees representing regality.

The fifty member parliament is stated to have hardline Islamists in the opposition.

Kuwait has been held socially progressive by western powers in their bid to defend the Arab kingdom against the comparatively secular Iraq.

Yemen – President Ali Abdullah Saleh in United States presumably undergoing medical treatment with political amnesty discussion on the sidelines upon revolution success is also an important western ally in addition to being a U.S. military aid recipient for the proxy war in Yemen.

The Arab state bordering Saudi Arabia in the north is confronted with popular uprising longer than Syria and,

Gulf Cooperation Council brokered so-called deal is not acceptable to citizens enduring severe economic problems irrespective of the country’s resources – oil and natural gas under western ownership.

Saudi Arabia intrusion in Yemen to clamp down peaceful rally against government has resulted in enormous loss of lives with no condemnation or response in semblance with Syria or Iran from western powers.

Iraq – The fall of Saddam Hussein was celebrated with much fanfare.

The glory faded away in the unveiling of Abu Ghraib and Iraq war veterans’ courageous accounts on atrocities committed in the name of global war on terror.

Iraq troop withdrawal redeployed in Persian Gulf and Afghanistan with private contractors, mercenaries and contingents still operating in the war torn nation is far from being sovereign even though Iraq election was declared the most democratic in Babylonian history.

The proof was in the dismissal of electoral mandate for secular government with U.S. choice leadership Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki appointed to serve vested interests.

Iraq grappling with suicide bombings and sectarian violence for nearly a decade is the classic example of western democratization of Islamic world.

Summarizing Middle East chronicles, western powers systematic removal of governments under regime change doctrine opportunistically isolate nations while successfully enslaving population with intelligence agency or militarily enforced autocracy.

Peace and Democracy measured in monetary terms expecting economic gains with violence as the means is anathema to liberty revealed in status quo.

Lesson from experience discarded is declining rationality with irreversible outcome.

Middle East peace and political fate is in the hands of people.

People power in solidarity pledged to peaceful and non-violent resistance against foreign indulgence with arms distribution is the preliminary stride and,

In the same way, government armed forces refuting authoritarian order for civilian safety and national security would be honorable and qualify as patriot act.

It is time for Middle East perpetual turbulence to turn into tranquility.

Leaderships from West and East awakening to dimensions without subscribing to violence or ulterior motives in humanitarian issues would deliver promising future for all.

Moving forward, global society peaceful interaction exercising patience and diligence would help resolve disputes amicably for greater good.

Twenty first century dedicated to peace would mark the golden age with prosperity for all.

Peace dawn on Middle East would permeate world over.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant










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