India – Jan Lokpal Anti-Corruption Bill

December 23, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Indian Civil Society initiated anti-corruption measures after four decades of relentless efforts to draw government attention was tabled in the Parliament for denunciation more than discussion.

Lokpal – the government introduced bill against Jan Lokpal – the civil society proposal representing vast majority – the prime victims of crippling corruption and systemic abuse of power is presented as the antidote to monumental national crises.

The current UPA 2 (Congress Party and coalition) administration battling corruption scandals at various fronts through self-appointed core cabinet committee of whom key cabinet ministers including political party chief have successfully evaded accountability on national wealth transformed into personal wealth notwithstanding major corruption charges,

Ironically prepared the government Lokpal bill posing tremendous conflict of interest.

Congress Party founded during colonial times – nineteenth century by Alan Octavian Hume continues the tradition of foreign power dominance and power inheritance among the political class converting democracy into dynasty rule.

Congress Party leadership authorized violent crackdown on peaceful and non-violent anti-corruption rallies in the past eighteen months resulting in casualty and peace activists’ unwarranted arrests forcing them to share prison cell with criminal offenders from the party line.

Not to mention the persistent harassment and denigration of civil society anti-corruption team to curtail Jan Lokpal emergence.

Congress Party led government refusal to address corruption ranging from –

Black money in Swiss banks and several tax havens to,

Independent investigation of Cash for Votes,

CAG 2G Spectrum,

Common Wealth Games Scandal,

BOFORS Arms deal kickbacks and,

Last but not the least – the Congress member and lower house aka Lok Sabha Speaker property dues in crores…together costs trillions of dollars to national ex-chequer.

The money transferred misusing power to personal and proxy accounts at home and overseas for exclusive benefits could more than adequately feed significant population subjected to abject poverty, hunger and disease –

Eliminating politically expedient impending food bill targeting middle class and lower income tax payers to bear extraordinary tax burden.

Meanwhile Congress Party leadership claiming credit in this context despite being the contributor to the problem is yet another paradox in the name of national interest.

The gross violation of Parliament sanctity in the widely exposed but hardly probed cash for votes scam with main protagonists and players exempt from inquiry let alone prosecution is an example in the hypocritical stance from the Parliamentarians demanding civil society members to uphold Parliament as Supreme in the contentious anti-corruption debate.

Government and political establishment misconduct and corruption activities is not limited to money laundering, disproportionate assets holdings and deaths of unarmed civilians in the non-violent anti-corruption movement,

In fact the widespread engagement seriously compromises national security and credibility with links extending beyond illegal confines subjugating nationals in burgeoning economic debt for individual prosperity.

Given the incriminating trajectory, the inclination to act conscientiously in passing effective Jan Lokpal bill reflecting average citizens’ harrowing daily life experience due to contaminated system from the top bottom is ominously missing in the important national legislation confirming misplaced priority among members in Parliament with few exceptions.

Parliamentary sessions squandered in theatrical performance mocking citizens’ plight unveils fundamentally flawed character out of touch with reality.

The government Lokpal bill carefully designed to circumvent ethical efficacy diminish corruption victims ability to obtain fair response with Jan Lokpal denied appropriate powers viz. judicial action against fraudulent entity across the spectrum or corporation – retaining status quo.

Jan Lokpal is marginalized to bureaucracy forwarding citizen complaints to government controlled investigative anti-corruption division– favorable to incumbent administrations evidently exploiting CBI for political and personal advantage.

As for minority reservation or quota in Lokpal – the disingenuous allocation is political maneuver considering higher stakes for UPA in forthcoming state assembly elections.

Including Prime Minister under Lokpal ambit is conditional on specified terms in office with implied impunity under privileged status adapting to mere formality than functionality.

Assigning Jan Lokpal constitutional body similar to election commission in the backdrop of perennial electoral fraud involving bribery distributing counterfeit notes allegedly linked to international terror networks and,

Regardless electoral results validated in recent assembly polls – defies constitutionality weakening the election commission role leaving electorate no right to recall.

Lokayukta in every state and union territory would be further authenticated delivering the desirable outcome provided,

Jan Lokpal at the center is a beacon of hope leading the autonomous Lokayuktas as reliable and formidable anti-corruption bastion with CBI under the wing.

The prevalent structure with CBI and government is counterproductive promoting secrecy and defiance in judicial proceedings undermining democracy, constitutional law, and Parliamentary stature.

Parliament is the legislative body and legislators as public servants are elected to represent the republic resonating citizens’ voice on all issues concerning humanity.

Parliament bear fruits via legislation becoming law and people are the roots facilitating the produce.

Nurturing the roots would enable survival of the tree bearing fruits for all.

Jan Lokpal with comprehensive power to receive and respond to grievances,

Besides redress corruption bringing relief to ordinary citizens would guarantee progress and prosperity to all.

Citizens against corruption in India and abroad are requested to pledge unanimous support to Shri Anna Hazare and team members by joining the peaceful and non-violent movement to demonstrate solidarity in strong Jan Lokpal bill or anti-corruption law.

Please attend the peaceful anti-corruption rally from December 27, 28 to 29 and beyond in Mumbai, India with Shri Anna Hazare and team until genuine Jan Lokpal bill is implemented as the law of land.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant











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