India – Andhra Pradesh Telangana Statehood

October 25, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Andhra Pradesh the southern state in India is confronted with decades old internal partition discord emanating from the majority marginalized in the economic development and political representation at the state and national level.

Telanganaone of the three major regions in Andhra Pradesh with Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema constituting the remaining territories struggle for statehood largely due to exploitation from disproportionate resource distribution despite being the primary contributor to State GDP and urban modernization.

While the minority occupied rural and metropolitan areas are adequately funded and maintained in every aspect i.e. good schools and university, housing, clean water supply, electricity and other basic to advance requirements for comfortable living,

Telangana plight is evident in the neglected districts prompting secession demand from within the state.

The stark contrast in milestones reached thus far since independence cannot be ignored reflecting political bias and inequality at the state assembly, province and local council.

Telangana population have immensely suffered with disenfranchised youth and economically deprived farmers committing suicide as a result of state and central government abandonment.

Andhra Pradesh has long been governed by the minority led Congress Party arguably least interested in Telangana strife.

Meanwhile, the Congress Party at the center preoccupied in evading judicial probe and maneuvering investigations on corruption scandals have procrastinated for political reasons exacerbating the communal conflict in the state.

The declining status quo is attributed to central government indecisiveness in addressing Telangana citizens’ grievances conveyed through relentless public protests in the state and national capital without any affirmative response.

Telangana activists separate statehood justification based on the ordeal until now deserves empathy on humanitarian standpoint.

However, splitting the state with inherent complexities could lead to serious ramifications considering Telangana economic advantage from natural endowments deprives the residual state with less survival means for peaceful coexistence.

The disparity could create tension across the border with respective governments focused on settling disputes undermining effective governance.

Contentious issues causing potential problems in the short and long term are:

State tributaries viz. Krishna and Godavari rivers originating from Telangana and,

Capital Hyderabad renowned for cultural heritage depicting then Mughal empire and High Tech City now are poignant in the demarcation possibly creating prolonged disagreement.

As the advanced metropolis in the country – Hyderabad revenue and job prospects could be the focal point in the division with the dilemma of shared capital or,

Alternatively relinquish the city to Telangana.

Additionally several issues related to separation are likely to promote violence that could otherwise be avoided to protect life and state security.

Telangana leaderships seeking statehood for communal progress citing Chattisgarh and Jharkhand in eastern India need to reevaluate the pros and cons on the concept of  –

Divided one fails but united one wins against the challenges confronting all.

Consolidated efforts and diverse talent strengthens core values yet retaining identity for character uniqueness in pursuit of common goals.

Telangana people have endured the state and central authorities’ willful negligence in improving living conditions and equal opportunity for the significant members in the society.

The solution lies in altering the status quo with appropriate adjustments for desirable outcome i.e. Telangana community uplifted in multiple facets starting from political rights facilitating economic and social privileges similar to other groups across the spectrum.

Isometric standards would diminish the prevalent anomalies preparing the disadvantaged demography to succeed in personal endeavor.

Henceforth, the Congress Party headed state government replaced with Telangana Rashtra Samithi Party leadership as the Chief Minister and TRS held cabinet posts to enable Telangana progress,

Inclusively sustaining current achievements in coastal Andhra as well as Rayalaseema would guarantee Telangana rule not only in Telangana areas but also in the rest of Andhra Pradesh.

In this instance – Right to Recall strategy upon the present and past governments miserable failure to act diligently in ensuring economic growth and prosperity throughout the state could have served in the electorates’ interest.

Modern democracies like the United States exercise ‘Right to Recall’ as a wake up call for the political parties and elected officials to deliver campaign promises or face power withdrawal by the voters in the absence of honoring commitment to the people.

The measure is desperately required in Indian democratic system given the political parties’ track record in post independent India.

Shri Anna Hazare’s proposal in this regard is relevant and public support could easily stave off vehement opposition from all political parties determined to limit voter prerogatives during the official term.

Indian election commission reservation in incorporating the pragmatic electoral recourse confirms the political influence on the so-called constitutional body to expand options for the electorate in a democratic society.

Reverting to Telangana TRS leaders K. Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR) and K T Rama Rao together with Telangana Joint Action Committee (JAC) members are urged to rally for unified Andhra Pradesh.

Further, the leaders pledge to renounce actions causing public inconvenience and huge economic losses to the state exchequer could earn solidarity.

The continuous disruption in transportation and essential services pervasively affect all residents as taxpayers withholding autonomy approval.

Political rhetoric to inflict damages on the state owned assets and livelihood is detrimental to the political party not to mention the general frustration towards public access denial.

Non-violence and peaceful dissent respectful of state property and provisions over blockade would be formidable in attracting attention and empathy from all corners in any political or social movement.

The immediate remedy for Telangana crisis is to dissolve the incumbent administration responsible for polarization within society and allow TRS to be democratically elected to govern the southern state of Andhra Pradesh.

TRS should be able to overwhelmingly win the election on two important dimensions.

Telangana with largest constituencies and districts backing statehood could elect TRS to govern the state in entirety.

TRS platform with a strong vision in the election manifesto for Andhra Pradesh excluding none would galvanize voter confidence among the distanced electorate in coastal-Seema domain.

Such transformation would be a paradigm shift in Andhra politics setting a fine example for others to follow suit.

Hopefully rationality combined with integrity to address the different segment needs for greater good would prevail in resolving Telangana matter.

Good Luck and Best Wishes!  to the people and political leaderships in Andhra Pradesh for everlasting peace and unity among all.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant













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