COP15 – Copenhagen 2009

December 11, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

I welcome all nations attending the climate summit in Copenhagen, Denmark. It’s a symbolic recognition of the ‘greenhouse gases’ affecting humanity at the present time.

Since the nations across the globe have come together to arrive at a consensus in containing the burgeoning environmental crisis threatening life existence and sustenance on earth, it’s vital to display solidarity in dealing with the humanitarian challenge.

Prior to the conference, the anti-environmentalists coalesced to spread the propaganda against global warming through ambiguous data arousing skepticism in the public mind. Unfortunately, whenever there is opposition to a common cause benefiting humanity, the isolated views temporarily overshadow the reality. Therefore, it’s necessary for the world population to invade the fiction with facts during such meeting or any other time.

The polarizations are inevitable in a global discussion on the various problems contributing to the environmental deterioration. However, protecting the habitat is an individual responsibility as much as it is the collective goal. Having stated that, the industrialized nations being the major polluters through carbon emissions are seemingly resistant to solid financial investments and serious commitments urgently required to alleviate the planet degradation.

It doesn’t come as a surprise considering the priorities of waging war that is proved to exacerbate the ozone depletion in the atmosphere justified over imminent danger to the evolutionary process. The presumptuous policy is indicative of the folly and blissful ignorance.

Evidently, the United States is leading in this context with the ‘Cap and Trade’ legislation tossed in the back burner at the domestic front. Further, the defiance to requests on climate debt and reparation designed to assist the poorer nations experiencing the worst climate disasters in the form of famine, floods and unnatural hazards caused by the U.S. and multinational corporations’ industrial pollution dismay the victims.

In yet another respect, the U.S. ambivalence in ratifying the comprehensive Kyoto treaty extension, alternatively the formation of a similar agreement enforcing universal standard on carbon reduction constructively rather than destructively reflect the continuation of Bush-Cheney policy.

Nevertheless, the international community is presented with a unique opportunity at this forum to turn the tide by solemnly pledging to explore all options and exhaust the available means within reach to avert climate catastrophes. The timeframe set to achieve the targets should be in the near and not the distant future in acknowledgment of the apocalyptic-like events witnessed recently in the impoverished regions such as Africa, Latin America, The Pacific Islands and South Asia particularly the Philippines, Burma and Bangladesh.

Given the new revelation in the world stage with the powerful conglomerate determined to execute the ‘New World Order,’ through iron fist strategy otherwise the militia embodiment in direct violation of the national constitution,

It’s imperative for every citizen around the world to come together as the unified singular force representing the human race in resolving the enormous issues ranging from the environment to economic meltdown created, managed and manipulated by the oligarchs drumbeating the war message in preparation for the World War III.

I urge the global community to actively dissent military aggression and occupation in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere that is not only absorbing a significant proportion of the national GDP towards military expenditure but also depriving the nations from investments in environment, education, health care and long-term progress.

If democracy is slighted then the leadership is dangerously straying from the path of governance to dominance and the citizens obligatory to defend the constitution. Please don’t forget the powerful were once powerless. In a democracy or any form of government the real power lies with the mass, i.e. you. So, don’t let your voice be unheard. Think about our troops, the brave men and women being sent away and separated from their families around Christmas and Thanksgiving for years in search of an invisible Osama Bin Laden they have been looking for since October 2001.

Shifting focus on the climate change, the melting glaciers, the rising sea levels, the tsunami, the extreme weather patterns and the earthquakes are directly related to the precipitous decline of the ecosystem. In addition the imbalance is attributed to deforestation, overfishing, inadequate preservation of wilderness, wetlands and natural resources, offshore drilling for oil, and limited measures in energy conservation. As a result of these factors the endangered species are rising not barring the excessive toll on human beings.

More than a billion in the world population, the majority being children are battling with death from starvation. In the United States alone 49 million people reportedly went hungry in 2008 and sadly 1 million among them were children. It’s completely unacceptable for any nation and certainly for the affluent country that allocates disproportionate amount towards hypothetical warfare but fails to provide the citizens with basic necessities.

The United States must lead the world in regulating the environment contamination by the energy industry and other sectors. It could share the technology and innovative knowhow with the developing and under-developed nations in waste management.

Vigorous campaigning and incentives to recycle products along with the manufacturing of biodegradable and non-toxic items for consumer use is crucial. Consumption of organic produces against genetically modified food is lot cheaper for the poorer nations and the multinational corporations should be deterred from marketing chemical fertilizers that have harmed the agro-based economies drastically.

I admire the sincere dedication towards climate justice by a fellow Australian, the 24 year old Anna Keenan on hunger strike into the 35th day and currently awaiting outcome from the COP15 meeting. The world is proud of honorable citizens like Anna and look forward to seeing the fair minds in the leadership role, perhaps the future Prime Minister of Australia. Accordingly, Anna should end the hunger strike in order to continue the crusade in protecting the planet.

Likewise, there are great many activists relentlessly engaged in safeguarding the best gift to mankind, the beautiful earth, the habitat for all living species. We should not allow it to perish through the willful act of negligence.

I trust the COP15 conference in Copenhagen, Denmark will be a huge success with an international treaty in place for the global community to adhere to in terms of carbon reduction within the next two years. Energy solutions via natural sources are absolutely essential for independence from foreign oil and fossil fuels.

Above all, a genuine agreement on nuclear disarmament to eliminate the desire for nuclear energy by some nuclear free nations is paramount. It would eliminate the possibility for endless wars under the guise of establishing freedom and peace on foreign land.

Let’s cherish and celebrate Mother Nature. Save the planet and secure the future for all.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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